Please switch turn off "Please wait while the document is gift prepared" displayed each time I open a document. This attribute is crucial only because that selected users and hampers really much usual program use.

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Lukasz Pogoda mutual this idea · Mar 25, 2020 · Flag idea as inappropriate…Flag idea as inappropriate… · Delete… · Admin →
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AdminRachit Jain (Software Engineer, Adobe) comment · may 2, 2020

Hi,Since the issue is solved for you, I think we can close top top this now. Also, we would try to improve the experience for friend on your suggestions in the comes future.Please feel free to contact us in case of any issue.


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AdminRachit Jain (Software Engineer, Adobe) comment · Apr 13, 2020
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AdminRachit Jain (Software Engineer, Adobe) comment · Apr 7, 2020

Hi,You can simple check/uncheck to enable Assistive modern technology preference if you are not using any kind of of them.The dialog is displayed as it procedure the contents for use by assistive technology. Ns hope due to the fact that you aren’t making use of any, ns would indicate you to work-related after setup this and also see if this affects anything.

Feel totally free to contact us in situation of any problem.


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AdminRachit Jain (Software Engineer, Adobe) responded · Mar 26, 2020

Hi,This contents Preparation dialog is displayed when part assistive modern technology (like display reader) is running/has been provided on the system. However, some other tools prefer some keypress tracking devices are also detected together assistive technology.

1. If you room not an assistive technology user, just go to choices → availability and uncheck the alternative “Enable Assistive modern technology Support”. This will stop the dialog from appearing.2. If you space an assistive technology user, then go to preferences →Reading and also Under “Screen reader Options” select “Only review the at this time visible pages”. This will prevent the dialog native appearing.

Note : yet with this, the dialog may show up for heavy files sometimes.

See more: Fix Cydia Could Not Open File Var Lib Dpkg Status

Please check if this resolves her issue.



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