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pneumatosis, pneumatosis cystoides intestinalis, pneumatotherapy, pneumaturia, pneumectomy, pneumo-, pneumoangiography, pneumoarthrography, pneumobacillus, pneumocardial, pneumocele

Pneumo- is a combining type used like a prefix an interpretation “lung” or “breath.” it is regularly used in medical terms, particularly in pathology and anatomy.

Pneumo- originates from the Greek pneúmōn, definition “lung.” Pneúmōn helps type the Greek native pneumonía, resource of the English pneumonia, “inflammation that the lungs with congestion.”

Pneumo- is a variant of both the combining forms pneumato-, meaning “air, breath, spirit,” and pneumono-, an interpretation “lung.” Learn an ext in our Words the Use posts for these forms.

What are variants the pneumo-?

When merged with words or word aspects that begin with a vowel, pneumo- becomes pneum-, together in pneumectomy.

The Greek pneúmōn is additionally related come the combining form -pnea.

Want to recognize more? check out our Words That use -pnea article.

Examples of pneumo-

One example of a clinical term that attributes pneumo- is pneumotomy, likewise known together pneumonotomy, meaning “incision of the lung,” a operation procedure.

As we know, pneumo- can mean “lung.” The second part of the word, -tomy, way “cutting, incision.” Pneumotomy literally converts to “lung incision.”

What are some words that use the combining kind pneumo-?


What room some other creates that pneumo- may be commonly confused with?

Break that down!

A pneumolith is a form of calculus, or rock or concretion, that can type in the body. Based on the definition of pneumo-, where in the body is a pneumolith found?

How to usage pneumo- in a sentence

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British meanings for pneumo-


pneumono-, prior to a collection pneum- or before a collection pneumon-

combining form
of or concerned a lung or the lungs; respiratorypneumoconiosis; pneumonitis

Word origin for pneumo-

from Greek pneumōn lung or pneuma breath

Medical meanings for pneumo-

Air; gas:pneumothorax.

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