over there are constantly some brands that never ever compromise on quality, and also they have actually satisfied numerous people approximately the world. This brands have actually grown into becoming favorites because of their style and the production of the latest trends among the people.

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Since over there are numerous manufacturers the clothes, it would certainly be great if we have actually adequate understanding of most popular apparel brands around the world. This way we can choose the ideal out the the famous apparel brands and get pumped up because that a duty or adventure.



Nike is an American Multinational agency founded in 1964, by invoice Bowerman and Phil Knight. Your headquarters is in Oregon, U.S. The agency takes its surname from the Greek goddess of victory and also has a swoosh logo. ‘Just perform It’ is another trademark the Nike.

There have subsidiaries including Converse, Hurley International. Nike is the largest manufacturer of strong shoes and apparel and additionally is a significant player in sports equipment manufacturing.

Nike sponsors many famous sports personalities consisting of Jordan, Cristiano Ronaldo and also other sporting activities teams about the world. It is among the most popular clothes brands and also most revenue making manufacturers in the world.

2.Inditex (Zara)


Inditex was established by Amancio Ortega and also Rosalia Mera in Spain in 1985. The key headquarters is at Arteixo, Spain. The company’s significant brand is Zara but also has various other brands under them.

Zara is renowned for designing new products based upon customer feedback and also manufacturing it in ~ a brief period. These assets hit the save in a month, and they nothing wait for periods to readjust the fashion and trends. A unique an approach among the many popular apparel brands. Castle have more than 7000 stores global in more than 93 countries.



Hennes & Mauritz abdominal is a global clothing agency operating in end 62 countries. It was founded by Erling Presson back in 1947 in Sweden.

At present, Stefan Persson, child of Erling, is the Chairman and also his son, Karl-Johan Persson is the CEO the H&M. Persson gained retailer Mauritz Widforss in 1968 which formed H&M indigenous its predecessor Hennes.

As of respectable 31, 2017, there are 4553 stores worldwide.

4.Louis Vuitton


Louis Vuitton was founded 164 years back in 1854. That is a French house and luxury retailer firm based in Paris. Indigenous 2006-2012 LV was called the most an important luxury brand. As of 2017, it has revenue the $9.9 Billion.

Michael Burke is the Chairman and CEO that Louis Vuitton. LV operates in an ext than 50 countries and also has 460 store places worldwide.



Adidas is a name acquainted to every sporting activities enthusiast, 2nd to the Nike in an international manufactures and they space the largest in Europe. Adolf Dassler established it, through his brothers Rudolf Dassler in 1924, recognized as the ‘Dassler Brothers shoe factory.’ Later because of conflicts in between the brothers, they separation in 1947, as soon as Rudolf created a brand-new brand ‘PUMA.’ and Adidas to be legally registered by Adolf in the very same year. Their rivalry even partitioned whole town.

Now, the CEO the Adidas is Kasper Rorsted. Adidas has a significant influence on sporting activities sponsoring many individuals and sports teams. Adidas is likewise famous for production football because that FIFA civilization Cups.


Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing brand the is acquiring its reputation as among the most popular garments brands approximately the world. It no a famous clothes brand a few years ago, however they space in the course of opened stores worldwide.

Fast Retailing CO. LTD owns Uniqlo. Tadashi Yanai is the CEO, President, Chairman of Uniqlo. It to be founded back in 1949. Together of 2017, there space 1920 Uniqlo stores and also many much more under construction.


Hermes is a French apparel retailer founded in 1837 through Thierry Hermes. They focus on high deluxe clothing and also accessories. A Duc carriage through a equine is the logo of Hermes native 1950s.

Axel Dumas is the executive Director, and Nadege Vanhee-Cybulski is the current an imaginative director. The is a famous apparel brand worn by numerous celebrities including the Queen

8. Gucci


Gucci is an Italian deluxe brand, founded in 1921 through Guccio Gucci. Marco Bizzari is the CEO, and also Alessandro Michele is the an innovative director of Gucci. Kering is the parent agency of Gucci and also Gucci has much more than 650 stores worldwide.

Gucci has remained in the spotlight in several famous fashion shows and is one of the many popular clothing brands.

9.Michael Kors


Michael Kors is a multinational apparel brand established by Michael Kors self in 1981. John D. Idol is the chairman and also CEO the the company. They have actually multiple commodities including watches, handbags, footwear and more.

The Handbags of Michael Kors is a trend and also a lot appealing brand amongst teenagers. Together of 2018, the revenue that the firm reached US$ 4.71 Billion.

10.Ralph Lauren


It is an American multinational firm with sub-brands together Polo, Lauren, twin RL and also more. Established by Ralph Lauren in 1967, that is headquartered in new York City. Patrice Louvet is currently the president and also CEO that Ralph Lauren. The agency focuses on Clothing, Footwear, Fragrance, jewelry and more. It has a revenue of US$ 6.6 Billion as of 2017.

11. Prada


Prada is an Italian Brand started by Mario Prada in 1913. They specialization in animal leather Handbags, Perfumes, take trip accessories and more. They space Milan based giants in the clothing Industry and also one that the most popular apparel brands in the world. Prada’s Revenue to be on the decline from 2014, but as of march 2018, your stock price increased.

12. Levi Strauss & Co


Known together Levi’s, it was established by Levi Strauss back in 1853 along with David Stern as its manager. That is based in mountain Fransisco and has an ext than 3000 company-operated shop worldwide. Levi’s transformed the 1970s through blue jeans by introducing numerous techniques right into jeans manufacturing as the ‘Stone Washing’ technique, making jeans much more comfortable to wear.

In 2016, the firm stated revenue of US$4.6 Billion. In 2017, they released a clever jacket collaborating through Google. Levi’s is favorite among many people, and also even Einstein used to undertake Levi’s jacket which was later on auctioned off.

13. Hugo Boss


Boss is a German brand that industries multiple products including apparel, perfumes, footwear. Hugo Boss started it in 1924 which focused on do uniforms, however after his death, castle turned to the production of Men’ wear. Children’s clothing was added in 2006/07, and also presently they have more than 1100 company-owned stores around the world

14.Tommy Hilfiger


Another famous garments brand, Tommy Hilfiger started this company in 1985 that produces apparel for men, women, and children. Daniel Grieder ended up being the CEO in 2014. Tommy came into prominence in the mid-90s v their relaxed fit and also influencing hip-hop fashion.

Multiple renowned Rappers in the united state wore Hilfiger, which made it grow into coming to be one the the many popular garments brands in the world. In march 2010 Philips-Van Heusen firm bought Tommy Hilfiger because that US$ 3 Billion, and they entered into themanufacturing that men’s sportswear also.

15. Burberry


Burberry is a british luxury garments brand started by thomas Burberry in 1856. Lock are renowned for the production of Trench Coats and also other accessories choose fragrance and also sunglasses. The brothers soldiers wore your coats in the an initial world war. That has more than 55 shop in end 51 countries.

Total legacy of Burberry together of 2017 space US$ 40 Billion and revenue the £2.5 Billion. The company is now provided on the London share Exchange and now operated global through 503 stores.

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Our style reflects ours attitude and also finding the quality apparel and accessories is important to make an impression. The quality and also feel they provide is why they space special.