in ~ The center for Cancer Care, we offer progressed treatment, add to an unparalleled level of personal attention and convenience because that cancer patients and their families.Cancer experts at Saint Joseph Hospital diagnose and also treat a large array that cancers, and we have physicians on staff with field of expertise in the treatment of breast, gynecologic, colorectal, thoracic, mind and head/neck cancers. Our cooperation team includes board-certified medical, surgical and radiation oncologists; interventional radiologists and integrative medicine specialists; as well as nurse navigators, nutritionists and counselors specially trained to help our patients with cancer. In ~ The center for Cancer Care, we are committed to greatest standard that care and have to be awarded through prestigious accreditations from:Commission top top Cancer the the American university of surgeons – Saint Joseph Hospital freshly received a three-year accreditation with six commendations.National Accreditation routine for breast Centers – The center for Cancer care was the an initial breast center in Chicago to receive this accreditation.Breast Imaging facility of Excellence – Saint Joseph Hospital obtained this accreditation native the American university of Radiology.Top 5 Priority Hospital - The American Cancer culture (ACS) has actually named Saint Joseph Hospital a peak 5 Priority Hospital. This method that we’re amongst the optimal hospitals in Illinois in referring newly diagnosed cancer patient to ACS. Patients benefit from a wide selection of totally free services varying from transportation and wigs to financial resources and educational information.

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2900 north Lake Shore drive Chicago, IL 60657-6274 United states

Phone (773) 665-9920

Network Members

existence Saint Francis Hospital 355 Ridge avenue Evanston, IL

visibility Saint Joseph Hospital - Chicago 2900 north Lake Shore journey Chicago, IL


Diagnostic Imaging Radiation Oncology solutions Systemic Therapy services Clinical trial Information easily accessible to patients Psychosocial and Supportive services Support teams Rehabilitation services Surgical actions education and learning Programs healthy and balanced Lifestyle programs Screening and also Early Detection programs American Cancer society Services Nutrition services

Diagnostic Imaging

Digital Radiography for Mammography Fluorescence Bronchoscopy Mammography Magnetic Resonance (MR) Mammography Ultrasound Angiography Computerized Axial Tomography Scan (CT) Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Nuclear medication Positron emissions Tomography Scan (PET) Stereotactic Guided Biopsy Breast specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI) (by referral) Positron emissions Mammography (PEM) (by referral) Echocardiography Mediastinoscopy Bronchoscopy

Radiation Oncology Services

Brachytherapy - High Dose price (HDR) Electron Beam outside Beam Radiation treatment Radiosurgery come treat mind tumors (by referral) Image-Guided Radiation treatment (IGRT) soot Modulated Radiation treatment (IMRT) Proton Beam (by referral) 3D Conformal Radiation therapy Brachytherapy - low Dose price (LDR) Computerized therapy Planning HDR Radiation Therapy system direct Accelerator Systemic Radioisotopes

Systemic treatment Services

Infusion center with Chemotherapy Photodynamic treatment (by referral) Bone Marrow Transplant (by referral) Chemoembolization (by referral) Hormone therapy Plasmapheresis (by referral) Stem cabinet Transplant (by referral) TheraSphere/SIR-Sphere (by referral) Unsealed resource Radiotherapy (by referral)

Clinical psychological Information accessible to Patients

patient library Brochures/Pamphlets Internet access Patient details packets research Coordinator/Nurse

Psychosocial and Supportive Services

Caregiver and Family Counseling situation Management and/or Patient navigation kid Life routine (by referral) Community resource Coordination (e.g. Transportation, jae won resources) Hospice Lodging help Patient source Center or Library Pastoral treatment Pet treatment (by referral) Psycho-Education to improve Coping skills mediate to disease Counseling advanced Care to plan Art treatment (by referral) Bio-Psychosocial evaluate Complementary medicine Program Facilitation the Patient/Family, Provider interaction Fertility Counseling Home care Program Inpatient Psychiatric consult Mental health Counseling Music therapy (by referral) Outpatient Psychiatric care Pain and also Palliative care Program Sexuality Counseling Support and Education related to Parenting through Cancer Survivorship regimen Wellness routine

assistance Groups

Caregiver Support team (by referral) Family/Children Support group (by referral) basic Cancer Support group (by referral) Loss/Bereavement Support team (by referral) Young Adult Support group (by referral) Lung Cancer Support team (by referral) Prostate Cancer Support group (by referral) Transplant Support team (by referral) breast Cancer Support team Colorectal Cancer Support team (by referral) various other Site-Specific Support team

Rehabilitation Services

Lymphedema program Exercise therapy Prosthetic solutions (by referral) Speech and language pathology Stomal Services/Wound care Therapy job-related Therapy Physical treatment

operation Procedures

Ultrasonic surgical Aspiration body Perfusion (by referral) Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Robotic aided Procedures Intraoperative Radiation treatment (by referral) Cryosurgery Microwave Ablation Catheter based Partial chest Irradiation (ex: Mammosite) Minimally Invasive surgical treatment Radiofrequency Ablation Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

education and learning Programs

breast Cervix (by referral) Colorectal Lung (by referral) Prostate (by referral) Skin (by referral) basic Cancer

healthy and balanced Lifestyle Programs

Nutritional Dietary education Program cigarette smoking Cessation regimen Skin Cancer Awareness regime (by referral) Exercise routine Weight control Program

Screening and also Early Detection Programs

Mammography Pap check Fecal Occult Blood test oral Exam PSA Blood check Skin exam flexible Sigmoidoscopy Colonoscopy Reduced expense Mammography Testes exam Digital Mammography breast MRI threat Assessment for chest Cancer Reduced expense Cervical Cancer testing (by referral) Cervical Cancer testing Liquid-based Pap test Endometrial Biopsy Colorectal Screening CT Colonography (virtual colonoscopy) Double-Contrast Barium Enema Fecal Immunochemical test Stool DNA Prostate Screening Digital Rectal exam Thyroid test Lymph Node test Ovarian Cancer Screening Clinical breast Exam human Papilloma Virus check

American Cancer culture Services

Transportation solutions (by referral) Cancer source Center hope Lodge (by referral) I deserve to Cope (by referral) Lodging services (by referral) look Good... Feel much better patience Navigator routine with to recovery - breast Cancer (by referral) road to recovery (by referral)

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Nutrition Services

Screenings or assessments because that nutrition-related involves Nutritional counseling and also education