i feel choose it can have miscellaneous to execute with the German 'bitteschön', which means 'please', 'you're welcome' and also other connected notions. It is typically abbreviated to 'bitte', and also 'schön' on its own method 'pretty' or 'beautiful'. So, 4476mountvernon.com being Germanic, there might be some link there. (Just mine conjecture, nothing to ago this increase whatsoever)
I discovered a use of the expression in The Sun of new London, Connecticut, January 13, 1917:



According to the word Detective:

The earliest citation in the Oxford 4476mountvernon.com thesaurus for “pretty please” is from 1913, and the earliest because that “pretty please through sugar ~ above top” is native 1973. Yet my guess is that “with sugar on top” actually occurred much earlier, at least by the 1950s. If sprinkling street on food has a lengthy history, it was in the 1950s as soon as ready-made sugar-coated breakfast cereal came to be popular, and the phrase may have been spawned then in imitation of declaring (“Ask mom for Choco-Balls — the ones with with sugar on top!”) for such wholesome fare.

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If you"re a native lover, the whole write-up is fine worth reading.

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Robusto"s price cites the OED as giving a very first occurrence day for "pretty please" (without the sugar) the 1913. One Elephind search, however, transforms up a number of earlier instances—most that them clearly used in the same sense—including this striking instance from an article titled "Ethics of Beauty: just how to Teach the Children: To be the little Gentleman and the small Lady—The matter of manners in the Household," by Shirley Dare, in the Indianapolis News (December 1, 1888):

The courtesy of Republican culture to servants and employers need revision. Alternate familiarity and also “bossing" is the ascendancy with the young civilization of a family, unless they embrace the 4476mountvernon.com tone of addressing a servant together if he were a block that wood. I have to be ashamed come speak to a dog in the brutal tone heard from ladies who have bean abroad. It does not seem crucial to speak "please" or "thank you" because that hourly service, count in the bond, either to servants or children, but they have the right to be told to execute things in a satisfied way, the is as far from domineering as it is indigenous the "pretty please" fashion. And also this tone and also manner you have to train children to adopt. They are an extremely autocratic through nature, and also a habit the ordering comes altogether also easy.

A second occurrence shows up less 보다 a year later in a city titled "The Fate the the Drones," by E. Cecille Brown, of Mt. Hope, West Virginia, in the Indianapolis State Sentinel

Such a grand display screen of unconcern and disdain/ was tendered those leave-taking bees;/ yet era long their boasted pride began to wane,/ and also they"d have actually humbled come a pretty please;/ yet it runs, those workers never ever returned,/ that the drones were left to your fate—/ To die of starvation—by their kinsmen spurned,/ With just one left this tale to relate.

Then indigenous "A Peppered Rose," in the Columbus Journal (December 27, 1893):

"Give me that rose and I"ll go," he said, laughingly, come Lou.

"I will not perform it," she returned, "It is the just one left on the bush."

"Please—pretty, please."

"No; or if ns do, I"ll fill it complete of pepper. You"re the worst enraged I ever saw, Howard Dwight."

And native an untitled items in the Courier (October 5, 1895):

Now, everything may it is in the weakness of that component of Lincoln i m sorry calls itself "society" snobbishness is not among them. That motto has long been the whosoever would and had a dress suit could come. Exclusive! as though Lincoln could be anything so cruel! over there is without doubt a rumor of a dictator that was deposed, but I have always thought the he grew worn down of the care of state and vacated very willingly, which ache the feel of his element ministers so lot that they slaughtered him. With couple of exceptions whoever smiled and also said "pretty please" to be welcomed right into the ranks of the elect. Lincoln society is no snobbish. That charge is rank slander. It establish the dignity that labor, and also bestows its brightest smile upon the active.

Then from "Municipal Matters," in the Los Angeles Herald (December 23, 1900):

July 23—H. Gaylord Willshire claimed "pretty please" to the council for ten-foot billboards rather of a stingy six.

And indigenous "The recent Parisian Gowns in san Francisco," by Medge Moore, in the San Francisco Call (August 23, 1903), an example that bring away "pretty, please" in an odd direction, as if it described a recognizable posture or attitude rather than to a wheedling kind of request:

That girl"s fun is contagious. She simply brims over with vivacity and high spirit and also even the cynical pleasure of was standing up and also looking "pretty, please," in fifty percent a dozen gowns was thought about in the irradiate of a great lark. That wasn"t a bit of trouble for her, and she tripped around leaving a follow of laughter and great humor behind her.

The "with sugar" topping appears to have actually come substantially later. The earliest circumstances of the merged expression the I"ve to be able to find is indigenous "An Era of Charter Making," in Equity Series (published in Philadelphia, January 1912):

There is one earnest association of urban of the 3rd class which is striving for the privilege of freedom in charter making, and also if these oppressed world say "Please" to Senator Penrose , with sufficient humility—"Pretty please, through sugar ~ above it"; and swear to support the an equipment ever after—they may be permitted that privilege some time in the future. And also this is a complimentary country, they say—the soil of liberty, justice and also right! Well, it will certainly be, when every town, county, city and state under the stars and also stripes have actually the Initiative, Referendum and Recall.


I uncovered instances that "pretty please" in arguably the appropriate sense as early on as 1888—and in unmistakably the pertinent sense as beforehand as December 1893. Every one of the earliest instances are from the joined States, in one odd configuration: two from Indianapolis, Indiana (in different newspapers) in 1888–1889, then 2 from Nebraska in 1893–1895, then two from California in 1900–1903, and also then one native Illinois (not included in this answer) in 1906.

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The more quickly "pretty please through sugar ~ above it" I"ve to be able to find is from January 1912, from a periodical released in Pennsylvania.