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Watch ‘SNL’ remember Prince with Hour-Long Episode

Four musical guest spots, three sketches, ‘SNL 40’ after ~ party and also Jimmy Fallon’s moving monologue highlight “Goodnight Sweet Prince”


Saturday Night Liveremembered Princewith an hour-long episode title “Goodnight Sweet Prince” that boasted every one of the icon’s SNL performances and also sketches influenced by the singer. “Prince has actually been a one-of-a-kind presence below at Saturday Night Live because that the last 4 decades, indigenous his debut on the display as a 22-year-old in 1981 to his surprised performance in ~ the after party because that the SNL 40th anniversary,” Jimmy Fallon said in his poignant preface because that the episode.

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“Tonight we wanted to pay tribute come him through looking back at his performances ~ above the present over the years and by mental what he meant to us,” Fallon added. “Other civilization may have been top top the show much more times or performed an ext frequently, but there was always something different around a Prince performance: It was special, it to be an event. It was Prince. Times have actually changed, layouts have come and also gone however no issue what, Prince has never not been cool.”

Maya Rudolph pays Tribute to 'Most F--king Incredible' Prince


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The episode then rewound to Prince’s first SNL visit in 1981 wherein he played “Party Up.” the was adhered to by his 1989 power on SNL‘s 15th anniversary episode, wherein he ceded the Batman soundtrack’s “Electric Chair.”

After Prince’s 2006 SNL guest spot where he played3121‘s “Fury” and “Beautiful, Loved and Blessed,” the illustration re-aired Prince’s last SNL performance, one astounding 2014 visitthat featured one eight-minute medley of Art main Age‘s “Clouds” and also Plectrumelectrum‘s “Marz” and also “AnotherLove.”

In enhancement to the music guest spots and also Prince-inspired sketches, the special also broadcast video of Prince’s impromptu power at the all-star SNL 40 ~ party in February 2015; clip of the never-before-seen rendition the “Let’s walk Crazy” had actually leaked earlier in the day.

Fallon initially told the story of exactly how he recruited Prince to take the Plaza Hotel phase on The this evening Show, and also on “Goodnight Sweet Prince,” Fallon further in-depth the opportunity performance. (The alternative angle the the SNL 40 performance additionally revealed the Arcade Fire’s success Butler to be onstage because that “Let’s walk Crazy.”)

The illustration closed out with 3 SNLsegmentswhere Fred Armisen depicted Prince in “The Prince Show,” a reoccurring sketchthat also starrednoted Prince devoteeMaya Rudolph.

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Prince to be inducted right into the Rock and also Roll room of reputation in 2004 and also performed “While My etc Gently Weeps.”Watch his tremendous solo here.