As you already know if you clock Love & hip Hop Hollywood virtual or ~ above VH1, Princess Love is identified to do a name for herself.

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But supposedly the one point Ms. Love won\"t carry out is go complete Kardashian and release a sex tape v Ray J (her on-off boyfriend) because that fame. 


An explicit photograph that shows Love naked on every fours popped up online today and the truth star automatically contacted she lawyers to have the pics removed from assorted websites.

Love\"s lawyers say the pic is in reality a screen grab native a video that she made number of years ago.

The man who\"s with Princess in the pic has no been identified, but c\"mon ... She dated ray J, and also we all know dude likes to record himself in the act.

So it\"s been quite the dramatic month for the Princess, for this reason far.

Love lastly regained custody of she maltese puppy Boogati, just to immediately lose custody of her own homemade skin flick. 

Of course, Princess is not the an initial star the the Love & hip Hop franchise to record part explicit footage that dropped into the dorn hands.

The Mimi Faust sex tape that leaked in April immediately made Faust a way bigger star virtual than any kind of reality present ever could.

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Ray J has yet to comment on the situation, but given just how much he\"s banked native his very first porn outing, friend know he\"s hoping Princess caves and lets the tape walk public.


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