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Polow... Keyshia... KellsWhat increase Charles? Hey babyHey babyGirl, ns been absent you prefer crazyI miss you tooThese fools about to make me shed my mindI do't think I can do every this timeNow simply calm down, don't shed it babyKeep your head up male we acquired youHow is little junior and my beautiful daughters?
Fine. They simply miss they daddyWell walk you acquire to talk to mine lawyers?Night and also day, day and also night I save calling themYeah, well day and night, night and day just keep call themOkayWhat up my nigga, girlfriend straight? Anything i can get you?This toilet file be cutting my ass, I require some rolls of tissueCharmin?And man, what happen to castle squares yo ass promised me?Baby, Charles lost his job. He's been struggling
Yeah, is that right? You shed your job, how?Man, ns been having troubles through my carBesides it's too far, price that gas, guy it's hardAnd ~ above the real, shit, man they it is in trippin at the WalmartFeel me?Yeah man, ns feel youWell baby, I got something i wanna check out youIt's from her kids, they created this one in ~ schoolAnd they desire me to lug it here and read it come you, it says:"Roses are red, violets space blueDaddy we love you and also we miss you"Aww, that's sweet. But tell meWhy Charles is wearing the shirt you bought me?Yo bogus assYou to be doing my best friendTell me how could you carry out it come me?Hell to the nawGot recorded up act a bid, now I'm offer 5 come 10My old lady, the doing inYou to be doing my finest friendBehind my ago while I'm in the PenScrew both that y'allSee y'all done hooked up through each otherMan, you was prefer my brotherAnd I'm in here, y'all undercoverGirl girlfriend screwing...

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Wait, simply don't go away, please let me explainYeah dog, it ain't prefer thatDon't be play no cursed gamesMan, what the posesthe is wrong through you?You crazy? This girl love youShe also took a opportunity on shedding her jobJust come be right here for youYeah, well, probably I'm gift a little paranoidA little?Can friend blame me? just look at herShe's pretty together all outdoorsSorry babyIt's okay, I know your stressingThanks man for bringing she for mePlease, my nigga, no need to sweat itJust favor you asked, I acquired those magazines for youThat's my girlI ain't acquired no squares however I obtained a robe and also you some residence shoesMy brotherSo how you holing up?Man, I'm just trying to make it workWell i got... (see I...) she got... (he got...)(Charles, you walk fist)Well, me and also Sheila, we had this prefer crazy ass ideaShe sing, i rap, we was thinking about making this shit a careerWhat friend think around that baby?Do you think it'll work?Aight that's it, now I yes, really gotta recognize babeWhere in the hell he gained that shirt? KellyAww here we walk again Yeah that's rightNigga, what the fuck is wrong with you?Yeah man, y'all on some bullshitWhat? friend think I'm a god cursed fool?Nigga, ns ain't say all thatWell then answer the question, screw all thatGirl prize itNow, organize on manWhat? that you phone call a bitch? + (Some advertisement libs by Keyshia and Polow) (Keyshia Cole) PolowGirl girlfriend screwing my finest friend(Well ain't this a bitch) Yeah it is a bitchGirl you swore, friend promised What?That friend would host it under Come on'Til i come back around Calm downKeep that thing on lock Man, calm down'Til I role up on yo blockYou motherfff... Girl you to be doing my best friend