It didn't look great for Gibson Borelli, the 12-year-old Hoboken chef contending in the Food Network's "Rachael vs. Guy youngsters Cook-Off," which ended tonight. He began off the compete strong, to win kudos native none various other than Wolfgang Puck because that his "messy wild wacky" chicken wings with a garlic, soy and also ginger glaze, and also then watched his rivals win difficulty after challenge.

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"I need to say ns was worried," Borelli says in a phone interview last week, "but then i pulled a rabbit out of the hat." The metaphorical hare was actually a fried philadelph cheesesteak egg role on a rod — no, this was not the diet challenege — and earned the the championship tonight, to no one's higher surprise than Borelli himself.

The show, i m sorry wrapped its 2nd season, pits eight young chefs versus one one more under the accuse of male Fieri and also Rachael Ray. (Borelli to be on Team Guy.)

Borelli winner his very own three-episode internet series, i m sorry rolled out on following the finale. It's called "The Jersey shore Kid" (he and his family members vacation on long Beach Island every summer), yet he didn't limit himself to the Atlantic. That takes viewers on a tour of Jersey foodie stops, consisting of the Ritz Diner in Livingston, Alstede ranches in Chester and Ship Bottom Shellfish, and tries to impress the owners with his very own culinary skills.

Beyond the internet series, he's likewise doing cooking demos around the area, and he's got huge dreams: his very own Food Network show and also his own restaurant, no to mention finishing saturday grade.

In the final an obstacle tonight, the contestants had actually to develop a signature dish because that a food festival and also do a live a demo the showcases the food and their culinary suggest of view, through guest judges Curtis Stone, Brian Malarkey and Haylie Duff picking the winner.

For his dish, Borelli uncovered inspiration in the icons of 3 East coastline destinations: philly cheesesteaks, egg rolls native Chinatown, and from the boardwalks the the Jersey coast (where he and also his family vacation each summer) ... Ingredient on sticks.

He seared thinly-sliced prime rib and stuffed it inside wonton wrappers v sauteed onions, homemade cheese sauce and also shaved spicy provolone, then battered, fried and skewered them. Can be disgusting, might be delicious, that thought. "I sliced the open and all this cheese simply oozed out," he recalls. "I to be like, 'Ohhhhh.'" Translation: Delicious.

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