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This premium, compact, all-in-one kit is perfect because that both rapid field cleaning and considerable AR15 maintenance. It consists of an AR15 ar guide that details exactly how to clean your AR. The field Guide additionally shows just how to field strip her AR, how to scrape your AR15’s Bolt carrier Group, and how to appropriately lubricate your firearm. The AR15 Scraper is among the most an extensive scraping tools that you have the right to buy. It provides cleaning the BCG far more efficient. The 3rd premium kit had is the AR15 Gun ceo cleaning kit. This kit has upgraded brass rods and components.

Kit Includes

Real Avid total BossReal Avid ar GuideReal Avid scraper


Real Avid total Boss

7 threaded coated brass pole sections v rotating tip combine to form a 33” rod 5 wool star chamber cleaning padsCompact, weather-resistant travel case5.56/.223 bore brush, phosphor bronze bristleStraight and also angled clean picks50 – 1.5” X 3” rifle/handgun clean patches3-in-1 boring Illuminator/pin punch/safety flagStar chamber brushNylon slotted tipT-handle

Real Avid field Guide

Color-coded instructionsClear, in-depth diagramsOil and also solvent resistant

Real Avid scraper

Firing pin big diameter scraperBolt tail exterior scraperBehind-cartridge extractor scraperFiring pin tiny diameter scraperBolt tail shoulder coffee Cotter pin pullerBolt camer pin scraperBolt belt scraper 1/4” little bit driverBolt transport scraper (2)Between bolt lugs scraperBolt tail interior scraperBolt face scraper