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Someone is leaking info from the Real World house. The world now knows the Jenna has actually said racist and also homophobic points months before these points she claimed were walking to it is in aired on tv. Her life is ruined…because of this leaks. Not since she claimed these things. Not due to the fact that these things she has said were being filmed for the purpose of people watching them on a television, laptop, or mobile machine of their choice. But because someone, she extremely suspects Kailah and Chris, leaked the points she’s to be saying the end to the media via email and or phone call. Yet why would certainly they perform such a thing? follow to Jenna, it is because they dislike her but additionally are jealous of her. I am jealousy of you therefore, i am leaking this info that is already scheduled to air since if that wasn’t us wouldn’t have actually a budget plan to afford these cameras, eight mics, or sweet ass hoverboards. Jenna’s mommy calls to tell her the totality internet, and also THE MEDIA, and also the whole world all hate her. Jenna desires to struggle Kailah. Jenna wants to break part skulls. Jenna thinks civilization think she’s racist due to the fact that people space calling her a racist and also not because the points she says are racist. It is everyone else’s fault. So who leaked the leaks?

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Well, of course kris leaked the leaks. Why Chris? Why did friend leak the leaks of things that hadn’t aired yet? To begin a nationwide conversation around inequality, duh. Kris is responsible for all the leaked information yet he won’t admit to it. He lets Kailah proceed to bring the bulk of the blame. Which next note, if you didn’t already think Kailah to be awesome, look at this thigh tattoo they verified for the first time this week. I desire that specific same thigh tattoo other than I desire mine to it is in of a character from the all-time highest grossest movie ever, Avatar. Anyone was gaining Avatar tattoos when that movie come out. Where did they all go?!?

So chris leaked the info to his residence friends and also got the nationwide conversation started. Yet he won’t recognize to it. Guess: v what buddy, this is Go big or walk Home. The Producers, who are my absolute heroes at this point, contact Chris right into the confessional and give that a exclusive mission. Tell THE TRUTH around THE LEAKS. For this reason he has to do it. Or rather he goes home. Let’s resolve what this way for a moment. Because every one of the goals were laid out on the wall weeks before any type of of this came up. And also TRUTH to be up there. For this reason the Producers, I’m guessing Producer Matt that is clearly the ideal Producer because he gets to be on camera all the moment and additionally he put on a cap that states “PRODUCER” on it, were choose let’s just pocket this truth mission since we recognize that somebody is going to lie around something to someone this season and also then BAM, we’ll make it a mission and also blow it every up. Producer Matt is Keyser Soze in a house full of Stephen Baldwins. Kris tells the truth and Jenna type of forgives him come his face however she renders it known that this ain’t over.
The point that becomes clear around Jenna this illustration is the she yes, really doesn’t think she’s law anything inappropriate. She’s uncomfortable at the leaks due to the fact that she’s gift painted as a racist/homophobe yet she’s no worried around the illustration airing which method she doesn’t think she said anything wrong. She’s much more upset the she’s acquiring the call for saying points she doesn’t think she said. Part of the reason the various other houseguests kept her in the residence was to hope widen her perspective somewhat. And I give Ceejai a the majority of credit for still being supportive of Jenna regardless of the nasty, hateful points Jenna has said. Anyone I talk to about Real World, i m sorry is everyone ns come in call with because I to be obsessed v it, all agree that so much Ceejai is your favorite. She’s thoughtful and also kind and funny. That else could pull turn off a conversation around how gift on this present takes away all her privacy while all at once being on the toilet through the door open up with the camera ~ above you? all hail Ceejai. She provides Jenna part support once she requirements it, despite the hurtful points Jenna’s said straight to Ceejai. That’s not basic to do.Dione is having his own concerns this week. The is broke and also has basically gained a hardcore gambling trouble while living above a casino. Dione never has any money because he resides off the soil which method he eats various other people’s warm Pockets whenever the can. However I’m guessing it’s a lot easier to live turn off the land in regional brand-new England 보다 it is when your basement is a las Vegas Hotel. He find money in his pants and gets faded in Blackjack. Dean lends that $200 and he puts it every on black and also loses. In order to make some cash to salary Dean back, Dione decides to it is in the first Real world panhandler. He access time the strip v the camera crew and also a sign. Some human being even provide him money. We’ve now come full circle to as soon as Julie spent the night in the homeless shelter in season one, other than not in ~ all. Dione mirrors a streak that self-awareness the it might come off choose he’s making fun of the homeless and also that people are in actual much more need 보다 he is therefore he offers all the money he’s built up to a male on the street and is on his way.There were a couple other missions this week, do it among the much more mission heavy eps. I prefer the idea the Go large or Go residence missions in theory due to the fact that something is in ~ stake but, and also this is true for The difficulty as well, the challenges are my the very least favorite part. Eliminations are an excellent but the difficulties don’t carry out it as lot for me especially without TJ being there to heckle. Return Producer Matt being prefer “IF friend DON’T put THESE SPIDERS ON yourself THEN YOU room GONE” is pretty one-of-a-kind as well. Ceejai and also Jenna space terrified the spiders so they lugged in Jules Sylvester (great name!) the spider wrangler to put arachnids all over their bodies. This was entertaining because of exactly how much civilization wanted Jenna to fail so she would go home. Also, one of the spiders crawled across Dione’s face. The next mission to be stunt-flying in mini-planes i m sorry looked nice cool and they went so reality that Dean, Chris, and Kailah all blacked out from the G-force while the pilots trolled them about not getting enough sleep. Nobody has actually gone home yet. It’s crazy to me that this season whereby they’re trying come eliminate world might not actually have actually anyone go house when every various other season usually has someone acquiring kicked off naturally.

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Last yet not least, Kailah revealed that she desires to be a journalist. Her plan is to move to Utah and also write a kickass piece around Mormons and then acquire it published. Kailah, please do this. I really should read the article. Give thanks to you. The end.