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URLURLLink TextTargetAll Properties...


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It contains the Insert link light dialog, which has actually the important properties to placed a hyperlink in her document: URL, attach Text and Target. In the light dialog you likewise have a button (All Properties) that allows you to switch from Insert link dialog to Hyperlink Manager dialog if you need to accessibility all hyperlink options.Labels - URL, connect Text and also TargetURL, connect Text and also Target
Link Text
TargetNoneSame WindowNew WindowParent WindowBrowser WindowSearch PaneMedia PaneAdd tradition Target...

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Buttons - every Properties, OK and CancelAll nature ButtonOK ButtonCancel Button

It consists of the Insert picture light dialog, which has the vital properties come put an image into your document: photo Source, Alt Text, Width and also Height. In the light dialog you additionally have a button (All Properties) that permits you to switch from Insert photo dialog to ImageManager through ImageEditor dialog if you decision you want to access all photo properties options.

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Labels - image Src and Alt TextImage Src and Alt TextImage SrcAlt TextWidth
Choose Image
Alt Text
Here you can set the table"s Width and Height.Label - WidthWidthLabel - HeightHeight
Buttons - all Properties, OK and also CancelAll nature ButtonOK ButtonCancel ButtonAll Properties...