That was placed to the concern on The real Housewives of Atlanta Season 9 episode 13 once they walk on a camping trip. 


When the episode obtained underway, the ladies ongoing to inquiry whether it would certainly be a great idea to go acquire hotels. They did not want to sleep in tents. 

Sheree Whitfield wasted no time in gaining the drama started and also asked Marlo about which member of the group might be sleeping with ladies. 


Marlo knew right away that she to be referring to and also told her to simply as Kandi Burruss about it. Sheree, however, felt like it was not a an excellent time to be asking around it. 

Instead, she revealed come the camera that she wanted it the end in the open up quickly. 

"I"ve to be biting mine tongue and holding this in the entire time," she revealed. Yes, viewers in ~ home have actually been waiting for you to expose it, too. 

The drama continued when the ladies put up your tents. Castle gathered about the campfire and Marlo dubbed Kenya the end for not inviting her to the housewarming party. 


"I currently apologized multiple times," Kenya said, however Marlo was not letting the go. 

"You"re so miserable. Your earrings are a disaster," Marlo said. She then chose to diss Kenya"s illustration some much more by taking aim at she false eyelashes. 

However, the most shocking diss come in the form of Marlo trashing Kenya because that not having actually a partnership with her mother. 

"If a person"s mom don"t desire to be bothered v them," she started as she looked at Kenya. "That"s exactly how you know she"s evil."

The various other ladies finally stepped in and also agreed the her comments were below the belt. 

Phaedra make the efforts to save the tranquility by informing the ladies they to be on break and also should be acquiring along. She also went as far as speak they should do tasks to fix things. 


The next morning, the ladies were chatting around divorce. Phaedra noted that her divorce come Apollo Nida was virtually complete. 

Kandi butted in, saying that she heard a divorce have the right to go through much faster when one spouse is in jail, yet Phaedra was annoyed about her butting in. 

Cynthia revealed she divorce was nearly over with. 

"It makes me feeling sad that Peter doesn"t desire to be in ~ the divorce settlement signing," she revealed. 

Some time later, the ladies visited dinner and also Kenya made decision it was ideal to put her feud through Marlo aside. 

"I was an extremely upset the I had actually hurt you, and also I apologize," Kenya began.

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"Your apology is accepted, and I apples for some of the median things I claimed last night," Marlo replied. 

"But ns will continue with caution," she added.

While Marlo"s feud v Kenya was over, she then began a new feud with Kandi. 


"I"ve simply been listening things. I desire to know. Kandi, room you a lesbian?" she asked.

Kandi flipped out, demanding to understand who was informing her the details. When the previous conversation was rehashed, Porsha was put in the warm seat. 

"So you"re saying that i was insinuating the she was a lesbian, yet I didn"t say the she to be a lesbian," she barked. 

Kandi then dropped the bomb the she had actually tried resting with women. 

"Yes, I have actually tried it. Yes, i have! But believe me, I"m not the just one at this table who has." Kandi meant these words for Porsha. 

"You don"t know anything around what I have actually done!" Porsha snapped.

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