I experienced this facebook riddle come throughout my feed, twice now, around parents showing up at her door in ~ 7 a.m., a variety of things in the fridge, and also something around knocking… v the payoff asking “What will certainly you open first?”

And the answer is no as basic as it might seem.

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To problem even much more confusing, this riddle seems to have kicked off part heated arguments over what is and what is no the exactly answer. Friends and also families proceed to clash in means unseen due to the fact that that Titans movie. Ok, probably I’m exaggerating a tiny bit, yet it does seem that people don’t have to agree v what has actually been reputed the exactly answer.

Perhaps that’s due to the fact that they are trying come answer the riddle in ~ 7 am? maybe they haven’t had enough coffee yet? that knows!

But just in situation this facebook riddle has actually come throughout your news feed, listed below you will uncover the exactly answer (as that the posting that this article, the course).

Here is the content of the It’s 7 to be – What will certainly You Open an initial Facebook Riddle

Facebook What will certainly You Open very first Riddle

The facebook riddle intro text:

This is preamble to the riddle itself, where the person posting the riddle describes the rules, the rewards, and also the threats to playing along.

The core of the article reads:

So I’m difficult my smart, smart friends, to have actually a crack at guessing the answer to the riddle below. When you think friend know, afternoon me in Messenger the answer. Don’t prize in the comment , it will be deleted. If you room not walking to follow the accuse after girlfriend lose, please don’t answer.

Good luck

Your turn! read the riddle. If her answer is incorrect, I deserve to choose any of her photos and also you have actually to short article it together with the riddle. If you answer correctly, I’ll compose your surname in the comment (with a trophy emoji.)

You might wonder exactly how many people would attempt to prize the riddle through that kind of risk/reward structure. ~ all, a trophy emoji isn’t miscellaneous you have the right to take to the bank. And the idea of having actually someone else pick among your photos for posting might lead to large amounts the embarrassment. However people are doing that in droves.

And that’s part of the reason that this riddle save circulating. If you lose (and most will) you have actually to article the riddle ~ above your own Facebook news feed for your friends and families to enjoy.

The Riddle Itself


Once you gain through the preamble, it’s time to gain to the guts of the riddle.

Riddle: It’s 7 am.

You room asleep and there is a suddenly knock top top the door.

Behind the door are your parental who came to have breakfast. In her fridge are bread, milk (pasteurized), juice, and a jar of jam.

To answer, what will you open first? Answer directly through Messenger only, answers in the comment ar will it is in deleted.

Note: It’s no what friend think. So much no one has gained it. Check out carefully.

Answering the on facebook 7 am – What will You Open very first Riddle

The factor why so couple of people are gaining it “right” is because the price is a tricky one, and depends on how you define “answer”.


To answer, in context of the riddle… aka come “answer” the knock on the door… the first point you open up is no your former door.

That, that course, is the polite answer… after all, your parents are outside, perhaps in the freeze cold. And also it renders sense to jump to the conclusion the in order to answer the knock on the door, the an initial thing girlfriend would execute is open up the door.

All of that stuff around what’s in the refrigerator at the time is a bit of a red herring.

But it’s essential to remember the you were asleep as soon as the knock occurred, therefore there space a whole bunch of actions that have to take place between that moment and when girlfriend can acquire yourself to do door.

That is why the correct answer is (or – at least – it must be)….


The first point you open is her eyes.

You were – after all – asleep. (People who sleep through their eyes open up not withstanding). Everything else should be irrelevant.

This is the most typical answer to the riddle. But, if you submit this together your answer, you will not be acquiring a trophy emoji.

Yes, this is the correct answer because that the riddle… if you were to ask the in any type of traditional format.


However, if you take “to answer” in the paper definition of the post instead of to the riddle….


The first point you open up is Messenger as that is exactly how you’ve to be asked to respond.

To perform this, you have to go earlier to the intro and also the extro the the riddle itself. How plenty of times did the article say sport of “PM me in Messenger”?

But it all comes down to actually ignoring the riddle itself and also focusing ~ above the last section:

To answer, what will you open up first? Answer straight through Messenger only, answer in the comment section will be deleted.”

That line doesn’t say “to price the 7am hit on the door”, it merely says “to answer”. In order to answer the riddle the correct way, you have to open Messenger.

This shows up to be the existing “correct” answer, return I perform think the is debatable. Is the medium the blog post in this case?

But, to make matters worse, the post itself is vague enough that the true price is…


That you should open your mind first

To the possibility that over there is much more than one correct answer, depending upon how you review the question. But, perhaps, the is simply me being far too philosophical.

A man walks right into a bar. Ouch!

As society Media transforms our lives, it additionally appears to be transforming the basic principles of riddles.

That is why the exactly answer come this riddle actually has actually nothing to carry out with the hit on the door in ~ 7 am, the has whatever to do with the accuse on how to pat the game.

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Therefore, if you desire to avoid having to post some embarrassing snapshot because you got the prize wrong, for currently I would certainly go with:


But, if you desire to beat it for sure – and retail a specific sense the righteousness, ns would imply answering in 2 parts:

To answer the door, girlfriend will have to open her eyes first. Come answer the riddle, you will need to open messenger first.

After all, over there is nothing in the instructions about not being able to administer a two-part answer.