Hey males I just have actually a quick question around the orbit trading beacon. I built one execute I have to do something like collection up the stock heap zone indigenous it to have space traders trade with me or execute I just wait approximately until among them wants to trade?


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As lengthy as you have actually a make reservation in it’s selection (which you have the right to see by clicking on the orbital trade beacon) and also a comms console almost everywhere (connected to power as well) trade ships will certainly appear.

When girlfriend trade through visitors, you have the right to sell something in your home/stockpile (I forget which).

When you trade via the comm console, you have the right to only offer what is within variety of trade beacons. To make the many of this, put your ingredient (and silver) within the area utilizing stockpiles.

Forming caravan use house area and stockpiles, traders use stockpile, delivery use profession beacons. Caravan's ~ above the roadway reform instantly and you have access to everything in the map.

Put orbital beacons in your stock piles. It’s ok if they room inside. If they space inside items can be marketed by orbital trading.

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Place a beacon somewhere outside (unroofed) yet in her colony. Beacons outside will have actually the offers purchased from orbital traders dropped onto them.

I too have a question. I placed my orbital profession beacon in my silver vault under a mountain, bought about 5000 dollar precious of stuff and lost the silver yet never obtained my things. I figured it was because of the hill so i alt +f4 (permadeath) to move my beacon. Moved it to an open ar away indigenous my mountain base and also again gained 5k precious of good (components, progressed components, and glitterworld meds) however only the materials arrived. Is there some glitch right now or is the trying to land my products in my stockpile in my vault that's 50 tiles under a mountain?