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This Power source is Hardwired. The choices include Battery Powered, Hardwired, strength over Ethernet and Dual-powered.Battery Powered
This Storage kind is Cloud Storage. The options include neighborhood Storage and Cloud Storage.Local Storage
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Quality wired doorbell camera with progressed security features. Video Doorbell agree 2 delivers enhanced 1536p HD head-to-toe video, HD two-way talk, 3D activity detection, and built-in Alexa Greetings that answer the door for you.

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Works through Alexa

Hear Alexa announcements as soon as anyone presses the doorbell or root cause the activity sensors.

Built-in Alexa Greetings

Lets her doorbell greet anyone who stops by, offers customizable distribution instructions, and records detailed video clip messages, all on that own.

3D activity detection

Customize activity zones as much as 30\" far to know precisely when and where someone\"s stepped onto her property.

Advanced motion settings

Get much more precise motion-activated cautions on her phone, tablet, or PC, and also customize your activity zone settings to focus on the areas you should protect.

Bird's Eye View

You can acquire an aerial look at at movement events approximately your front garden to see where travellers went or if someone\"s around.

HD video clip and Two-Way Talk

Its 1536p HD video clip and Head-to-Toe view let you see more of visitors and check in on packages around your doorstep.

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Wi-Fi connectivity

Use your residence network to quickly synchronize your doorbell with your smartphone or tablet.

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Ring agree 2 smart Wi-Fi video Doorbell - WiredSatin nickel faceplatePro power kitInstallation tools and screwsCorner mountWarranty/safety/legal insertQuick start guideSecurity stickerOwner's manual
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