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It’s not simply a cuteness war now in between Raphtalia and Filo; it’s additionally who deserve to be the clingiest towards Naofumi. This week’s illustration was great, and also it kicked things back a notch to emphasis on our funny group. Naofumi is gaining more traction with his new business venture and also Filo and Raphtalia will execute anything because that their new master.

Japanese initial Title: 神鳥の聖人


The merchant asks Naofumi to deliver herbicide because that a town which is overrun by a monstrous tree problem. Many thanks to Motoyasu, the ‘spear hero’, uncovering a seed, part of a legend, that ended the low supply that food because that the village, brought nothing however chaos ~ the plant started to mutate and attack the village. The villagers plead Naofumi to conserve them and he turns this plant trouble into a benefit instead. Meanwhile, a visit come a warm spring has actually Raphtalia steamy v jealousy.

Episode Highlights

Honest Filo: This bird may be cute and also sweet on the outside but inside I believe is deadly. Venturing on Naofumi’s request to bring back some adventurers, she spouts aloud just how weak they are taking top top a difficult task that is in ~ them. These moments room hysterical of Filo; fatal cute. Strut The Shield Stuff: With every new shield enhancement Naofumi gains, ours hero is acquiring stronger. We gained to watch Naofumi’s fearless nature as soon as the plant monster was about to attack and also then Naofumi provides his bio plant shield, tossing it aside choose it was nothing. Gibberish moment. Ns admire all the knowledge and also intel Naofumi is gaining for self in this strange world. That experimented with the plant monster seeds and reconfigured that is plant framework to develop edible fruit because that the villagers come eat. Heroes favor Motoyasu who are relying on Princess Malty’s help would be a boring ass protagonist because that this series. Motoyasu, i believe, would certainly not use himself to discover of what’s around him like Naofumi is, taking every situation and trying to make something of it. It makes me so glad Naofumi is this collection main protagonist because he just perfect because that the plot set up.

Steamy Raphtalia: More Raphtalia pouting moments for future episodes PLEASE! there is just nothing an ext adorable than seeing Raphtalia jealous. Hysterical moment thinking if friend kiss who you’ll get pregnant, this shows Raphtalia still has actually some maturing to execute in the series.

Filo and also Raphtalia Bond: Second fifty percent of this illustration was really sweet and also hysterical. The pining feeling of wanting to obtain praise from Naofumi for both Raphtalia and Filo. I loved the what they gave Naofumi was useful and also not a gem. That signified castle both will execute anything because that Naofumi but at the same time, has actually caused a cute, clingy war between the two. It’s included a humorous bonus right into the mix.

Themes and Trivia

Blind Pure Belief: Naofumi pointed out just how gullible the villagers to be for taking the hazard of accepting the seed, knowing the dangerous legend behind – that why it to be sealed away. Friend can contact the villagers fools for your actions. Being blind by their very own pure belief, this was their just choice. World can be swoon over so easily with persuasion adding to their me belief and also in moment of desperation prefer for the villagers you will do be ready to take any type of risk. If when ending up being blinded from your own belief of survival.


Another enthralling episode with a dash the cuteness thrown in the 2nd half. Love the very first half the showcased exactly how much our shield hero has actually learned since getting here in this screwed increase world. He looked badass while annihilating that plant monster favor it to be nothing. Mine favorite part was how clingy Raphtalia and also Filo have become towards Naofumi, specifically Raphtalia. The component Filo launching herself almost everywhere Naofumi and also saying ‘I wuv you’ climate Raphtalia pouting ahh was just everything. Please much more pouty Raphtalia, please!. This illustration I felt Filo and Raphtalia external inspection a lot, unlike in the critical episode, and also it was cute.

Clingy isn’t A bad Thing

I’d it is in clingy as hell if ns was ~ above Naofumi’s team, wouldn’t you? i’m excited for following episode as our corridor head come the east where it looks grim!Leave a comment below on her thoughts for episode 7? inspect out our other Winter 2019 evaluation coverage!! view you next for more Shield Hero!! following Time: Curse Shield ( 呪いの盾)

The rising of the Shield Hero

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