Gramps is collecting pictures of Tawanda. A listener takes issue with Mac Bergson’s ball busting. How much money would you pay to get your picture taken with your favorite celebrity? Joe had a heated phone call with someone trying to scam Gramps. Will Joe be ready to return to stand up on October 29th at Magoobys? Andrew, the club owner is skeptical. Joe and Katie bailed last minute on going to a concert with Erik Woodworth. Erik joins the show to discuss. Joe partied with a long hugger and Rob crashed a wedding. 

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The fellas are back! Joe is ecstatic over the Ravens victory over the Chiefs. Are your days of ever having car/airplane sex over? Rob and Joe went out to dinner with Gramps before the show. Who paid? While on 98 Rock last week, Joe called his former neighbor to discuss Gramps 40 year old crime. Jeremy Woodworth and Tom Berenger sharing the same stage? And the other Walker Hayes gets some love. 
It"s that time of the year again. A tradition unlike any other. The Super Bowl picks are made and then the chat takes over. The topics covered include Joe and Katie"s apartment sex life, Rob"s Dad"s ashes, a marry, F, kill involving Lamar Jackson, Jordan Peterson and Katie and why Rob doesn"t discuss his personal life on the show. Oh, and Jeremy met Tom Arnold. 
Joe takes to twitter to deal with the injury to his new favorite Raven. A crowd member tells a joke that Rob doesn’t think he could have gotten away with it. Joe sings a Disney classic on 98 Rock and the listeners loved it. Will the Rob and Joe listeners enjoy it as well? Robby has another DoorDash fail story. Is the Purple Power Hour happening this season? Rob and Joe try to convince Robby to watch Ted Lasso on Apple TV. And did last week’s guest blow off Joe? 
Joe unexpectedly hangs out with Frank, Justin, Scott and Larry. Rob fills in on the 98 Rock morning show. Joe takes issue with something he said. Producer of The Paper Tigers and high school friend of Joe, Dan Gildark, joins the show. Rob has a month long Armed Forces Entertainment tour coming up in November. Where is he headed and who will fill in for him while he"s gone?
Joe gets a new tooth and witnesses some dentist office drama. What’s the worst music to listen to while being a patient at the dentist? Robby and a listener have a fun back and forth on Facebook. Joe teases next week’s guest. The first Ravens broadcast of the season does not go well. Could a Ravens player be joining the Purple Power Hour?
Joe has a new TV show obsession. Rob and Robby aren’t quite as obsessed. Drew Miller comes to Magoobys bearing wonderful gifts. Ariel grades and ranks the most recent murder mystery shows. Did the Baltimore Sun promoting the murder mystery, backfire? Rob insulted Erik Woodworth by accident and Joe is already stressed about doing Ravens pregame. 
The Jaws puzzle saga continues. The fellas recap an excellent weekend of murder mystery shows. Rob and Joe have a disagreement on one element of the murder mystery show. Katie and Joe have a disagreement on how much money to spend on furniture. And Robby is feuding with the company that collects his trash. 
Joe returns to the show. The chat rates Jeremy"s fill in performance. Robby insists Jeremy never co host again. Joe and Katie go on a blind date with their new friend, Larry. Someone on the date got incredibly drunk. Gramps has a new tv show obsession. Would he better off just watching porn and if so who should show him how to find the porn? The Movies That Made Us season 2 is out. Did Robby learn anything new about Back To The Future? Joe saw half of Space Jam and hated it. 
It’s the 10 Year Anniversary show and no Joe? Jeremy Woodworth fills in admirably. And creepily. Jeremy gives one of us permission to bang his wife. He fills us in on his job search, why he was kicked out of his mother’s basement, what happened to the Chris Restivo podcast and the movies he’d love to make. We debut the worst song he’s ever recorded as well as a special new theme song. Happy Anniversary!
Tales from the Robinson family 4th of July. The shows 10 year anniversary is next week and Joe is going to miss it. Who should fill in? Rob and Joe think Robby’s latest best of mix is too long. Rob had a great time seeing/hanging out with Brian Regan. Joe attempts to make things right with a local comedian. Justin Schlegel demands that Joe open for him at Magoobys. And how does Katie let Joe know he’s not getting sex that night? 
Robby misses the first half of the show and Rob and Joe aren’t sure why. Joe isn’t looking forward to the annual 4th of July family weekend in Ocean City. How will they entertain Gramps? Rob has some comedy stories. A new Jeremy song is played. And do you return sushi with hair on it? 
A Father’s Day mixup involving Joe, Gramps and Robby and his new boo. Did Gramps like the gift that Joe got him? Another Walker Hayes is introduced to the show. Robby gives his thoughts on Bo Burnham’s Netflix special. Joe gets defensive. Can season two of Dave live up to season one?
Joe has a big update on his living situation. A new Jeremy song is played. The bombshell that Robby dropped on the bonus show is finally talked about on the main show. Andrea Bocelli on a love making playlist? Rob and Joe argue about Celine Dion’s fanbase. Katie joins the show to yell at Joe about him taking shots at her music choices. Respects are paid to Ned Beatty and much love is shown for Bo Burnham. 
A friend goes viral with his Charles Barkley impression. Joe gets heckled by Frank at a party. Rob gets a suprise gift. A new Gramps story. Joe"s accidental name dropping means Rob will have to learn how to add beeps to the recording. And Robby on a TV show?
Rob performs at a wedding and runs into a legendary Rob and Joe Show guest. The fellas breakdown the packed murder mystery show at Magoobys and the drama that ensued afterwards. Katie joins the show to celebrate/discuss her and Joe"s two year wedding anniversary. 
Rob went maskless in the grocery store and felt uncomfortable. Joe tried to go maskless for Fondue. Rob bombs at a DC Improv sponsored show but redeems himself at Magoobys. Rich Vos asks Rob for help in crafting a social media post about the Israel/Palestine conflict. Phil Mickelson"s historic win is celebrated. Joe is arguing with former show announcer Tim over the movie Wrath of Man. And how did Joe"s sons disappoint him? 
The fellas are happy to be back after a week off. Rob finally went to Joe’s guy’s weekend in Ocean City. Did he have a good time? Joe went to Disney with Katie’s family. Did he have a good time? Robby with a greased buffalo story. Joe with more mask ridiculousness. And Jeremy battled covid and lived to write a song about it. 
Erik Woodworth joins the show to talk about some concerning Jeremy Woodworth news. Joe messes up so badly with Katie that even he can"t defend it. Rob checks out Maryland Live"s new Sportsbook and is perplexed by what games they have showing. Joe hints at a potential argument with Robby on the upcoming bonus show recording. Rob poses a dress like Randy "Macho Man" Savage for a year hypothetical. And why is President Biden wearing a mask on Zoom video call? 

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Another Dan Nainan controversy is brewing. Joe gets outraged over the Oscars outrage. Joe"s two year "Kohls incident" anniversary is honored by Katie and friends. Katie chronicles it on Tik Tok. Over ten thousand and counting views so far. Joe shares a moment from his childhood that he is still ashamed of to this day. Rob steals tells one of Joe"s jokes at a Curt Shackleford show.