Everything you need to root her LG Stylo 2 Plus to run on Android 7.0 is packed right into Stylo2.zip for convenienceIf the connect ever goes down send me a private message, I"https://4476mountvernon.com/root-lg-stylo-2-plus-metro-pcs/imager_1_19_700.jpgll have actually a few backups that this laying around.This an approach works ~ above MetroPCS (LGMS550) and also T-Mobile (LGK550) phone call models.

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Before law anything, ~ above your computer system you should extract Stylo2.zip to your Desktop, and also install:
minimal_adb_fastboot_v1.4.1_setup.exe (Install this into the Stylo2 folder)PhoneDrivers.exe1. Permit Developer options on her phone, and navigate to the Developer choices page.Enable OEM unlockEnable USB debuggingEnable file Transfer place no-verify-opt-encrypt-5.1.zip and also SuperSU.zip ~ above your outside sd card.2. After ~ placing the 2 zip papers into the root of your sd cardEnable Charging modeAuthorize your computer for USB debugging3. Launch MAF32.exe indigenous the Stylo2 folder(This is Minimal ADB and Fastboot)4. In the window that pops up type:adb devicesIt should look like this:
PS C:\Users\Hyperion\Desktop\Stylo2> adb devicesList of gadgets attachedLGMS55010ca1cf1 devicePS C:\Users\Hyperion\Desktop\Stylo2>
PS C:\Users\Hyperion\Desktop\Stylo2> adb devicesList of devices attachedLGMS55010ca1cf1 devicePS C:\Users\Hyperion\Desktop\Stylo2> adb reboot bootloaderPS C:\Users\Hyperion\Desktop\Stylo2>
6. Next you will certainly be unlocking the bootloader(This will erase everything on the inner Storage)In the PowerShell window you will must type:fastboot oem unlock
PS C:\Users\Hyperion\Desktop\Stylo2\Stylo2> fastboot oem unlock...(bootloader) Erasing userdata and cacheOKAY < 12.386s>finished. Complete time: 12.389sPS C:\Users\Hyperion\Desktop\Stylo2\Stylo2>
Your data must now begin to wipe.7. Once finished through the data wipe, you will should flash the recovery.img to your device.In the PowerShell home window you will need to type:fastboot flash recovery recovery.imgIt must look choose this:
PS C:\Users\Hyperion\Desktop\Stylo2> fastboot flash recovery recovery.imgtarget report max download dimension of 262144000 bytessending "https://4476mountvernon.com/root-lg-stylo-2-plus-metro-pcs/imager_1_19_700.jpgrecovery"https://4476mountvernon.com/root-lg-stylo-2-plus-metro-pcs/imager_1_19_700.jpg (15588 KB)...OKAY < 0.508s>writing "https://4476mountvernon.com/root-lg-stylo-2-plus-metro-pcs/imager_1_19_700.jpgrecovery"https://4476mountvernon.com/root-lg-stylo-2-plus-metro-pcs/imager_1_19_700.jpg...OKAY < 0.406s>finished. Complete time: 0.918sPS C:\Users\Hyperion\Desktop\Stylo2>
This is whereby it can gain tricky.8. Turn your phone off.Unplug your USB cableTake the end your batteryPut your battery back inRead following step before turning your phone earlier on9. You will now need to boot into TWRP, i m sorry isn"https://4476mountvernon.com/root-lg-stylo-2-plus-metro-pcs/imager_1_19_700.jpgt the many fun thing to do.(This procedure begins after ~ the screen prompt that says your call can"https://4476mountvernon.com/root-lg-stylo-2-plus-metro-pcs/imager_1_19_700.jpgt be authorized has currently came up.) acquire comfortable v this procedure before attempting it.Hold Vol under + power (Don"https://4476mountvernon.com/root-lg-stylo-2-plus-metro-pcs/imager_1_19_700.jpgt allow go)Once you see the LG logo let walk of the power switch brieflyPress the power switch while quiet holding Vol down Don"https://4476mountvernon.com/root-lg-stylo-2-plus-metro-pcs/imager_1_19_700.jpgt permit go till a white factory Reset display comes up.Select Yes, then on the following screen select Yes again(This should boot you right into the flashed TWRP restore Image)If you carry out not boot right into TWRP, repeat process 1-8 until success(excluding unlocking your bootloader, once unlocked that does not need to be unlocked again.)10. Presume you space in the TWRP menu, girlfriend will need to wipe the machine again.Navigate to WIPE in the top rightFollow on screen instructions come wipe the deviceClick Reboot, and choose RecoveryIt wouldn"https://4476mountvernon.com/root-lg-stylo-2-plus-metro-pcs/imager_1_19_700.jpgt be a bad idea to make a back-up at this point11. Once earlier at the TWRP food selection again, you will must start flashing .zip files.Click InstallClick choose Storage in the bottom leftSelect no-very-opt-encrypt-5.2.zipSwype to confirm FlashPress back until at the TWRP main menu againClick InstallSelect SuperSu.zipSwype to check FlashSome world have had better luck flashing no-very-opt-encrypt ~ flashing supersu. (I can not confirm this)12. Reboot to system, permit the thing boot loop a pair times at the MetroPCS screenCross her fingers till your phone call boots upDownload a source CheckerCheck your root access.If all went well your MS550/K550 running Android 7.0 Nougat have to be rooted.Credits: Hyperion

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