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A network administrator beginning the command copy running-config startup-config. Which type of memory will the startup configuration be inserted into?

Explanation:A router contains four types of memory:RAM – volatile memory provided to store the running IOS, running configuration file, routing table, ARP table, and also serve together a packet bufferROM – nonvolatile memory offered to hold a limited version of the IOS, bootup instructions, and an easy diagnostic softwareNVRAM – nonvolatile memory supplied to hold the startup configuration fileFlash – nonvolatile memory offered to organize the IOS and other system files

Which packet-forwarding technique does a router use to make switching decisions once it is utilizing a forwarding details base and also an adjacency table?

fast switchingCisco express Forwarding procedure switchingflow process
Cisco to express Forwarding (CEF) is the fastest and preferred switching method. It provides a FIB and also an adjacency table to execute the task of packet switching. This data structures adjust with the topology.

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When a router receives a packet, what information must be check in order because that the packet to it is in forwarded come a far destination?

destination MAC addresssource IP addressdestination IP address source MAC address
When a router obtain a packet, it examines the destination address of the packet and uses the routing table to search for the ideal path to the network.

What are two attributes of a router? (Choose two.)

A router connects many IP networks.It controls the flow of data via the usage of layer 2 addresses.It determines the best path come send packets.It offers segmentation at Layer 2.It build a routing table based on ARP requests.
Routers connect multiple networks, recognize the best path come send packets, and forward packets based upon a destination IP address.

In order for packets to be sent out to a remote destination, what three pieces of information must be configured top top a host? (Choose three.)

hostnameIP address subnet mask default gatewayDNS server addressDHCP server address
A host deserve to use that IP address and subnet mask to identify if a location is top top the same network or ~ above a far network. If the is ~ above a far network, the organize will need a configured default gateway in order to send packets come the remote destination. DNS servers interpret names right into IP addresses, and DHCP servers are supplied to automatically assign IP addressing details to hosts. No of this servers needs to be configured for straightforward remote connectivity.

Which software program is provided for a network administrator to make the initial router configuration securely?

SSH client softwareTelnet client softwareHTTPS client softwareterminal emulation customer software
Connecting come the router console port is required for do the initial router configuration. A console cable and also terminal emulation software application are necessary to attach to the console port. SSH, Telnet, and also HTTPS can be used to configure a router if the router has actually been configured v IP addresses and also its interface can be reached through the network.

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has actually configured R1 together shown. Once the administrator check the condition of the serial interface, the interface is displayed as being administratively down. What extr command have to be entered on the serial user interface of R1 to carry the user interface up?


CCNA 2 RSE 6.0 thing 1 exam Answers 2018 2019 07

Drop the packet.Send the packet the end the Serial0/0/0 interface. Send the packet out the GigabitEthernet0/0 interface.Send the packet the end the GigabitEthernet0/1 interface.

Which 2 parameters are provided by EIGRP as metrics to pick the ideal path to with a network? (Choose two.)​

hop countbandwidth jitterresiliencydelayconfidentiality
EIGRP offers bandwidth, delay, load, and reliability together metrics for choosing the finest path to with a network.​

What path would have actually the lowest administrative distance?

a directly connected network a revolution routea route received through the EIGRP routing protocola route obtained through the OSPF routing protocol
The most believable path or the course with the lowest bureaucratic distance is one that is directly associated to a router.

Which two statements correctly describe the principles of bureaucratic distance and also metric? (Choose two.)

Administrative distance refers to the trustworthiness that a particular route. A router very first installs courses with greater administrative distances.The value of the administrative distance can not be altered by the network administrator.Routes v the smallest metric to a location indicate the finest path. The metric is always determined based on hop count.The metric varies depending on which layer 3 protocol is gift routed.
A metric is calculation by a routing protocol and also is offered to determine the finest path (smallest metric value) come a remote network. Governmental distance (AD) is provided when a router has actually two or more routes to a remote location that were learned from different sources. The source with the lowest advertisement is set up in the routing table.
The Serial0/0/0 shows the outgoing user interface on R1 the is supplied to send packets because that the destination network.

Refer come the exhibit. A network administrator problems the present ipv6 route command ~ above R1. What two conclusions can be attracted from the routing table? (Choose two.)

R1 go not know a path to any remote networks. The network FF00::/8 is installed through a static route command.The user interface Fa0/1 is configured through IPv6 attend to 2001:DB8:ACAD:A::12. Packets that are destined because that the network 2001:DB8:ACAD:2::/64 will be forwarded v Fa0/1.Packets that room destined for the network 2001:DB8:ACAD:2::54/128 will be forwarded through Fa0/0.
From the routing table, R1 knows two directly linked networks and also the multicast network (FF00::/8). The does no know any kind of routes to far networks. The entrance 2001:DB8:ACAD:A::12/128 is the local hold interface route.

A network administrator configures the interface fa0/0 top top the router R1 through the command ip attend to However, when the administrator worries the command show ip route, the routing table walk not display the directly connected network. What is the feasible cause of the problem?

The interface fa0/0 has actually not to be activated. The configuration demands to be conserved first.No packets with a destination network the have actually been sent out to R1.The subnet mask is incorrect because that the IPv4 address.
A directly connected network will certainly be included to the routing table when these three conditions are met: (1) the interface is configured v a precious IP address; (2) the is activated through no shutdown command; and also (3) it receives a transport signal native another device that is associated to the interface. An not correct subnet mask because that an IPv4 resolve will not stop its appearance in the routing table, although the error may prevent effective communications.
The command ip path following hop> adds a default path to the routing table of a router. Once the router obtain a packet and does not have actually a specific route towards the destination, the forwards the packet come the following hop indicated in the default route. A route created with the ip route command is a revolution route, not a dynamic route.

What are two common species of static routes in routing tables? (Choose two)

a default static path a built-in static route by IOSa static course to a certain network a static course shared between two neighboring routersa static path converted from a route that is learned v a dynamic routing protocol
There space two common varieties of static routes in a routing table, namely, a static path to a certain network and a default revolution route. A static path configured on a router have the right to be spread by the router to other surrounding routers. However, the spread static route will be a small different in the routing table on surrounding routers.

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What is the result of configuring the ipv6 unicast-routing command on a router?

to entrust the router come the all-nodes multicast groupto enable the router as an IPv6 router to permit just unicast packets ~ above the routerto protect against the router native joining the all-routers multicast group
When the ipv6 unicast-routing command is imposed on a router, it enables the router as an IPv6 router. Usage of this command also assigns the router come the all-routers multicast group.
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