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1. What space two benefits of static routing over dynamic routing? (Choose two.)

Static routing is an ext secure due to the fact that it does no advertise end the network.Static routing scales fine with widening networks.Static routing requires very little knowledge the the network because that correct implementation.Static routing supplies fewer router resources than dynamic routing.Static routing is fairly easy to configure for big networks.

Static routing requires a thorough knowledge of the whole network for proper implementation. It deserve to be vulnerable to errors and also does not range well for huge networks. Revolution routing offers fewer router resources, due to the fact that no computing is compelled for update routes. Static routing can also be an ext secure due to the fact that it does not advertise end the network.

2. Describe the exhibit. What routing systems will allow both computer A and also PC B to accessibility the net with the minimum quantity of router CPU and network bandwidth utilization?


Configure a static path from R1 come Edge and also a dynamic course from Edge to R1.Configure a revolution default path from R1 come Edge, a default route from Edge to the Internet, and also a static course from Edge come R1.Configure a dynamic course from R1 to Edge and a static course from Edge to R1.Configure a dynamic routing protocol between R1 and also Edge and also advertise all routes.

Two routes have to be created: a default path in R1 to with Edge and a static course in edge to reach R1 for the return traffic. This is a finest solution as soon as PC A and PC B belong come stub networks. Moreover, static routing consumes much less bandwidth 보다 dynamic routing.

3. What is the correct syntax of a floating static route?

4. What is a characteristics of a static course that matches every packets?

It backs up a route already discovered by a dynamic routing protocol.It uses a solitary network address to send many static courses to one destination address.It identify the gateway IP address to which the router sends out all IP packets for which that does not have actually a learned or static route.It is configured through a greater administrative distance 보다 the original dynamic routing protocol has.

A default static path is a route that matches all packets. It identifies the gateway IP deal with to i m sorry the router sends out all IP packets because that which that does not have a learned or static route. A default static route is merely a static route with as the destination IPv4 address. Configuring a default static route creates a gateway of last resort.

5. What form of route allows a router to forward packets also though its routing table contains no certain route to the destination network?

dynamic routedefault routedestination routegeneric route

6. Why would certainly a floating static course be configured with an bureaucratic distance the is greater than the governmental distance the a dynamic routing protocol the is to run on the same router?

to be offered as a back-up routeto load-balance the trafficto act together a gateway of critical resortto be the priority course in the routing table

By default, dynamic routing protocols have actually a greater administrative distance 보다 static routes. Configuring a static course with a greater administrative distance than that the the dynamic routing protocol will result in the dynamic path being used instead of the static route. However, have to the dynamically learned course fail, climate the static course will be offered as a backup.

7. A company has numerous networks v the complying with IP resolve requirements:

IP phones – 50PCs – 70IP cameras – 10wireless accessibility points – 10network printers – 10network scanners – 2Which block that addresses would certainly be the minimum come accommodate all of these devices if each kind of machine was ~ above its very own network?

The network for the computers would need a subnet mask that /25 in order come accommodate 70 devices. That network can use IP addresses 0 through 127. Phones require a subnet mask of /26 for 50 devices (addresses 128-191). 3 /28 networks are required in order to accommodate cameras, APs, and also printers. The network scanner network can use a /30. A block the addresses through a mask that /24 will accommodate this website as the minimum amount needed.

8. What wake up to a static path entry in a routing table as soon as the outgoing interface connected with that path goes into the under state?

The static route is eliminated from the routing table.The router polls next-door neighbors for a replacement route.The revolution route remains in the table because it was identified as static.The router automatically redirects the static path to use one more interface.

When the interface associated with a static course goes down, the router will eliminate the route because it is no much longer valid.

9. The network administrator configures the router with the ip path command. How will this route show up in the routing table?

C is directly connected, Serial0/0S is straight connected, Serial0/0C <1/0> via <1/0> via

10. Graphic shows output of present ip course as follows:

A# present ip routeGateway that last resort is no setS <1/0> via is subnetted, 1 subnetsC is straight connected, Serial0/1/0C is straight connected, Loopback2172.16.0.0/24 is subnetted, 1 subnetsC is directly connected, Serial0/0/0C is straight connected,FastEthernet0/0/0S <1/0> via is directly connected, Loopback0Refer to the exhibit. What two regulates will readjust the next-hop address for the network from come (Choose two.)


A(config)# no network no ip deal with no ip course ip course s0/0/0A(config)# ip route

The two required regulates are A(config)# no ip route and A(config)# ip course

11. Which kind of static course that is configured ~ above a router uses only the leave interface?

recursive revolution routedirectly associated static routefully stated static routedefault static route

When only the departure interface is used, the course is a directly connected static route. As soon as the next-hop IP deal with is used, the path is a recursive revolution route. Once both are used, it is a completely specified revolution route.

12. Describe the graphic. I beg your pardon command would certainly be used on router A come configure a static route to straight traffic indigenous LAN A that is destined for LAN C?


A(config)# ip path ip route ip route ip route ip path

The location network on LAN C is and also the next-hop resolve from the perspective of router A is

13. Describe the exhibit. The network administrator needs to configure a default path on the Border router. I m sorry command would certainly the administrator use to configure a default course that will call for the the very least amount of router processing as soon as forwarding packets?


Border(config)# ip path ip route ip route s0/0/1Border(config)# ip course s0/0/0

14. What 2 pieces of info are essential in a totally specified static path to get rid of recursive lookups? (Choose two.)

the interface ID departure interfacethe user interface ID that the next-hop neighborthe IP address of the next-hop neighborthe administrative distance because that the location networkthe IP attend to of the leave interface

A totally specified revolution route have the right to be used to avoid recursive routing table lookups through the router. A fully specified static route has both the IP attend to of the next-hop router and the i would of the leave interface.

15. Refer to the exhibit. What command would be used to configure a static course on R1 therefore that web traffic from both LANs can reach the 2001:db8:1:4::/64 far network?


ipv6 path ::/0 serial0/0/0ipv6 course 2001:db8:1:4::/64 2001:db8:1:3::1ipv6 path 2001:db8:1:4::/64 2001:db8:1:3::2ipv6 course 2001:db8:1::/65 2001:db8:1:3::1

To configure one IPv6 static route, usage the ipv6 route command complied with by the destination network. Then include either the IP attend to of the adjacent router or the interface R1 will usage to transmit a packet to the 2001:db8:1:4::/64 network.

16. Refer to the exhibit. I beg your pardon default static course command would allow R1 to potentially reach all unknown networks ~ above the Internet?


R1(config)# ipv6 course 2001:db8:32::/64 G0/0R1(config)# ipv6 route ::/0 G0/0 fe80::2R1(config)# ipv6 course ::/0 G0/1 fe80::2R1(config)# ipv6 course 2001:db8:32::/64 G0/1 fe80::2

To route packets come unknown IPv6 networks a router will need an IPv6 default route. The static path ipv6 path ::/0 G0/1 fe80::2 will match all networks and also send packets out the specified exit interface G0/1 toward R2.

17. Consider the adhering to command:ip course 5Which route would need to go under in order for this static path to appear in the routing table?

a default routea static route to the networkan OSPF-learned path to the networkan EIGRP-learned route to the network

The bureaucratic distance that 5 added to the finish of the static path creates a floating static case for a static route that go down. Static routes have actually a default administrative distance of 1. This route that has an governmental distance the 5 will not be inserted into the routing table uneven the previously entered static route to the goes under or was never entered. The governmental distance that 5 added to the finish of the static route configuration create a floating static path that will certainly be placed in the routing table when the primary route to the same destination network goes down. Through default, a static path to the network has actually an bureaucratic distance of 1. Therefore, the floating course with an governmental distance the 5 will certainly not be inserted into the routing table unless the previously gone into static course to the goes down or was never entered. Due to the fact that the floating route has an governmental distance the 5, the course is preferred to an OSPF-learned route (with the governmental distance that 110) or one EIGRP-learned route (with the bureaucratic distance of 110) come the same destination network.

18. Describe the exhibit. The routing table because that R2 is as follows:


drop the packetsend the packet out user interface Serial0/0/0send the packet out user interface Serial0/0/1send the packet out user interface FastEthernet0/0

When a static path is configured through the next hop address (as in the situation of the network), the output of the display ip course command list the course as “via” a certain IP address. The router has to look up that IP deal with to determine which user interface to send the packet out. Because the IP address of is component of network, the router sends out the packet out user interface Serial0/0/1.

19. A network administrator has gotten in a static course to one Ethernet LAN the is linked to an nearby router. However, the route is not shown in the routing table. I beg your pardon command would the administrator use to verify the the exit interface is up?

show ip interface briefshow ip protocolsshow ip routetracert

The network administrator have to use the display ip interface brief command to verify the the exit interface or the interface linked to the next hop address is up and up. The present ip course command has already been authorize by the administrator. The show ip protocols command is supplied when a routing protocol is enabled. The tracert command is offered from a windows PC.

20. Take into consideration the complying with command:ip course 5How would certainly an administrator test this configuration?

Delete the default gateway path on the router.Ping any kind of valid address on the network.Manually shut down the router user interface used together a main route.Ping indigenous the network to the addres

A floating static is a back-up route that only appears in the routing table once the interface used through the major route is down. To test a floating static route, the route need to be in the routing table. Therefore, shutting down the interface used together a major route would permit the floating static route to appear in the routing table.

21. R1 router has actually a serial connection to the ISP out s0/0/1. R1 router has actually the LAN linked to G0/0. R1 has actually the LAN connected to G0/1. Finally, R1 has actually the s0/0/0 network mutual with R2. R2 additionally has the LAN linked through G0/0. The complying with information is below R1.


R2 needs a static path to the R1 LANs.R1 and R2 must use a dynamic routing protocol.R1 needs a default path to R2.R1 needs a static route to the R2 LAN.R2 needs a static course to the Internet.

R1 has actually a default route to the Internet. R2 has a default route to R1. R1 is missing a static route for the network. Any type of traffic that got to R1 and is destined because that will certainly be routed come the ISP.

22. Which three IOS troubleshooting commands can assist to isolate difficulties with a static route? (Choose three.)

show versionpingtracertshow ip routeshow ip interface briefshow arp

The ping, show ip route, and show ip interface short commands carry out information to aid troubleshoot static routes. Show version walk not administer any routing information. The tracert command is used at the home windows command prompt and is no an IOS command. The present arp command display screens learned IP resolve to MAC deal with mappings consisted of in the address Resolution Protocol (ARP) table.

23. An administrator issues the ipv6 course 2001:db8:acad:1::/32 gigabitethernet0/0 2001:db8:acad:6::1 100 command ~ above a router. What governmental distance is assigned to this route?


The command ipv6 path 2001:db8:acad:1::/32 gigabitethernet0/0 2001:db8:acad:6::1 100 will certainly configure a floating static path on a router. The 100 at the finish of the command specifies the administrative distance the 100 to be applied to the route.

24. Refer to the exhibit. The network technician for the firm that is displayed wants to usage the main ISP connection for all external connectivity. The back-up ISP connection is offered only if the major ISP link fails. Which collection of regulates would accomplish this goal?


ip path route path path 10ip course s0/0/0ip route s0/1/0ip path s0/0/0ip path s0/1/0 10

A static route that has no governmental distance included as part of the command has a default governmental distance the 1. The backup link should have actually a number greater than 1. The correct answer has actually an bureaucratic distance that 10. The other quad zero route would pack balance packets across both links and both links would show up in the routing table. The remaining answers are simply static routes (either a default path or a floating revolution default route).

25. Open up the PT Activity. Do the work in the activity instructions and also then answer the question.Why room the pings indigenous PC0 come Server0 no successful?

The static route to network is misconfigured top top Router1.The static route to network is misconfigured ~ above Router2.​The static route to network is misconfigured on Router1.​The static route to network is misconfigured ~ above Router2.​

Static routes have to specify one of two people a local interface or a next-hop IP address.

26. Open up the PT Activity. Do the jobs in the task instructions and also then prize the question. What IPv6 revolution route can be configured ~ above router R1 to do a totally converged network?

ipv6 route 2001:db8:10:12::/64 S0/0/1ipv6 path 2001:db8:10:12::/64 S0/0/0ipv6 path 2001:db8:10:12::/64 2001:db8:10:12::1ipv6 path 2001:db8:10:12::/64 2001:db8:32:77::1

To with the remote network, R1 will require a static course with a destination IPv6 address of 2001:db8:10:12::/64 and also an leave interface the S0/0/1. The exactly static course configuration will be together follows:ipv6 route 2001:db8:10:12::/64 S0/0/1.

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27. Which user interface is the default location that would contain the IP attend to used to regulate a 24-port Ethernet switch?

VLAN 1Fa0/0Fa0/1interface connected to the default gatewayVLAN 99

28. Which statement explains the port rate LED top top the Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch?

If the LED is green, the harbor is operating at 100 Mb/s.If the LED is off, the harbor is no operating.If the LED is blinking green, the port is operating at 10 Mb/s.If the LED is amber, the port is operating at 1000 Mb/s.

29. What is a duty of the switch boots loader?

to speed up the boots processto carry out security for the delicate state once the move is bootingto manage how lot RAM is obtainable to the switch throughout the boot processto provide an atmosphere to operate in when the move operating mechanism cannot it is in found

30. In which case would a technician use the present interfaces switch command?

to identify if remote accessibility is enabledwhen packets space being dropped indigenous a certain directly enclosed hostwhen an end device can reach local devices, yet not far devicesto recognize the MAC resolve of a straight attached network maker on a details interface

31. Refer to the exhibit. A network technician is troubleshooting connectivity issues in one Ethernet network v the command present interfaces fastEthernet 0/0. What conclusion can be drawn based upon the partial output in the exhibit?


All hosts on this network connect in full-duplex mode.Some workstations could use an not correct cabling kind to attach to the network.There room collisions in the network that reason frames to happen that are much less than 64 bytes in length.A malfunctioning NIC can reason frames to it is in transmitted that are longer than the permitted maximum length.

32. Describe the exhibit. The network administrator wants to configure Switch1 to enable SSH connections and also prohibit Telnet connections. Just how should the network administrator change the presented configuration to fulfill the requirement?

Use SSH version 1.Reconfigure the RSA key.Configure SSH ~ above a different line.Modify the move input command.

33. What is one difference between using Telnet or SSH to attach to a network device for monitoring purposes?

Telnet uses UDP together the deliver protocol conversely, SSH provides TCP.Telnet walk not administer authentication conversely, SSH offers authentication.Telnet supports a organize GUI vice versa, SSH just supports a organize CLI.Telnet sends out a username and password in level text, vice versa, SSH encrypts the username and password.

34. In which form of strike does a malicious node inquiry all accessible IP addresses in the address pool the a DHCP server in stimulate to stop legitimate hosts from obtaining network access?​

CAM table overflowMAC resolve floodingDHCP starvationDHCP spoofing

35. Which technique would reduce a MAC deal with flooding attack?

increasing the size of the electronic came tableconfiguring port securityusing ACLs to filter broadcast website traffic on the switch​increasing the rate of move ports

36. I beg your pardon two functions on a Cisco Catalyst switch have the right to be supplied to mitigate DHCP starvation and DHCP spoofing attacks? (Choose two.)

port securityextended ACLDHCP snoopingDHCP server failoverstrong password on DHCP servers

37. Which two straightforward functions are performed by network defense tools? (Choose two.)

revealing the kind of details an attacker is able to conference from monitoring network trafficeducating employees about social design attackssimulating attacks versus the manufacturing network to determine any existing vulnerabilitieswriting a security policy record for protecting networkscontrolling physical accessibility to user devices

38. An administrator desires to usage a network defense auditing tool on a move to verify which ports room not protected versus a MAC flooding attack. For the audit to be successful, what vital factor have to the administrator consider?

if the cam table is empty prior to the audit is startedif every the move ports are operational at the very same speedif the variety of valid MAC addresses and also spoofed MAC addresses is the samethe aging-out duration of the MAC deal with table

39. Which activity will lug an error-disabled move port ago to an work state?

Remove and also reconfigure port defense on the interface.Issue the switchport mode access command top top the interface.Clear the MAC attend to table on the switch.Issue the shutdown and also then no shutdown user interface commands.

40. Describe the exhibit. Port Fa0/2 has already been configured appropriately. The IP phone and PC job-related properly. Which move configuration would be most proper for harbor Fa0/2 if the network administrator has actually the adhering to goals?


SWA(config-if)# switchport port-securitySWA(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address stickySWA(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address stickySWA(config-if)# switchport port-security preferably 2SWA(config-if)# switchport port-securitySWA(config-if)# switchport port-security maximum 2SWA(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address stickySWA(config-if)# switchport port-securitySWA(config-if)# switchport port-security maximum 2SWA(config-if)# switchport port-security mac-address stickySWA(config-if)# switchport port-security violation restrict

41. Which 2 statements room true about switch harbor security? (Choose two.)

The 3 configurable violation settings all log violations via SNMP.Dynamically learned for sure MAC addresses are shed when the move reboots.The 3 configurable violation modes all require user intervention to re-enable ports.After beginning the sticky parameter, only MAC addresses ultimately learned space converted come secure MAC addresses.If fewer 보다 the maximum number of MAC addresses because that a port space configured statically, dynamically learned addresses are added to electronic came until the maximum number is reached.

42. A network administrator configures the harbor security attribute on a switch. The security policy specifies the each access port should permit up to 2 MAC addresses. As soon as the maximum number of MAC addresses is reached, a frame with the unknown resource MAC attend to is dropped and also a notice is sent to the syslog server. Which security violation setting should it is in configured because that each accessibility port?

restrict protectwarningshutdown

43. Describe the exhibit. What have the right to be determined about port defense from the info that is shown?


The port has actually been closeup of the door down.The port has two attached devices.The harbor violation mode is the default for any port that has actually port security enabled.The port has actually the maximum number of MAC addresses that is supported by a great 2 switch port which is configured for port security.

44. Open up the PT Activity. Execute the work in the task instructions and then prize the question.Fill in the blank.Do not usage abbreviations.What is the lacking command on S1?

ip attend to

45. Open up the PT Activity. Carry out the work in the task instructions and also then price the question. Which event will take location if there is a port defense violation on switch S1 interface Fa0/1?


A notification is sent.A syslog blog post is logged.Packets through unknown source addresses will be dropped.

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The interface will go into error-disabled state.

46. What influence does the usage of the