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Other Parish Information:

Director of religious Education: Sr. Barbara Jude Gentry, I.H.M. Phone: 610-692-3118 Parish organization Manager: Ronald B. Avellino ()

Mass Times: March v October: Vigil Mass, Saturdays, 5 PM. Sundays, 7:30, 9:30, 11:30 AM; 6 PM. January, February, November, December: Vigil Mass, Saturdays, 4 PM; Sundays, 7:30, 9:30, 11:30 AM; 6 PM. Holydays, Vigil Mass, 7 PM. Holydays, 6:45, 9 AM; 7 PM; Weekdays, 6:45, 9 AM.

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Accessibility Information:

Church and also Meeting Room: Church and also meeting room are accessible with an available restroom.

Church: easily accessible entrances, curb cuts, ramps and parking near available entrances for churches with parking lots. Sufficiently large and level approach or gradually sloping ramp to door; doorway broader than 32 inches, with automatic door or one that is conveniently opened through minimum pressure or usher assistance; parking spaces big enough to accommodate vans with access aisle for discharge top top either side of van; parking spaces designated with suitable signage.

Church Restroom: Facilities adjusted for wheelchair users. Restroom has appropriate door size, enlarged stall, take bars, clearance space, obtainable fixtures and also sink.

Parish conference Room/Hall: easily accessible entrances, parking, curb cuts and ramps to obtainable entrances and also restroom facilities adjusted for wheelchair users for at the very least one meeting room.

Assistive Listening machine (ALD): Church is equipped through ALD for sound system. Ear phones or audio loops that boost the sound are easily accessible for world who are hard of hearing.

Confessional: Assistive listening maker in the confessional the amplifies the sound for someone who is tough of hearing.

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Paoli Pk. From Ellis Rd. To boot Rd.; to Chester Rd.; to boot Rd.; come Sugartown Rd.; to Providence Rd.; come Gradyville Rd.; come Slitting Mill Rd.; come Locksley Rd.; come Creek Rd.; to Tanguy Rd.; come Street Rd. (Rt. 926); to the Delaware County-Chester county line; to Dilworthtown Rd.; to Cheyneywoods Rd.; to Creek Rd.; to Westtown Rd.; come south five Points Rd. (including Faustina Fairview at Greenview Drs.); to West Chester Pk.; come E. Strasburg Rd.; come Ellis Rd.; come Paoli Pk.

Report come Pastor:

Report To minister Previous 5 years (PDF)Report To minister Prior 5 years (PDF)

Census Information:

U.S. Census Report 1 - Age, hispanic Origin and Race (PDF)U.S. Census Report 2 - Catholic re-publishing of Total populace (PDF)U.S. Census Report 3 - Age, age Cohorts (PDF)U.S. Census Report 4 - Family and Household relationship (PDF)

Convent Address:
6 Cavanaugh Court, West Chester 19382
Convent Phone: 610-692-4394