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While it remains to be viewed what future No. 1 access time Taylor Swift will certainly write around her recent relationships with Calvin Harris and Tom Hiddleston, us do recognize which of she current and past hits were influenced by her notable exes. "We Are never ever Getting ago Together," because that example, is about A-list movie star, Jake Gyllenhaal.

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How have the right to we it is in sure, girlfriend ask?

In the renowned photos of Taylor and Jake wade arm-in-arm through main Park in the winter the 2010, she"s put on his scarf. So, once the actor play Taylor"s ex in the video clip for this song handed her a scarf, fans automatically assumed it to be written around Jake. Plus, Taylor and Jake to be photographed on a dinner date, work after their separation in January 2011. Pointing out getting earlier together perhaps? Never!

“Style” - take care of Styles

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Ever due to the fact that T. Swift exit the third track from she 2014 album “1989,” world have to be speculating which of her well known ex-boyfriends it can be about. The general consensus is that it’s One Direction frontman bother Styles. Let’s take a look at the evidence: In “Style,” Taylor sings, “You obtained that James Dean daydream watch in your eye.” the sounds prefer Harry. Then, she sings, “You gained that long hair, slicked back, white t-shirt.” That also sounds like Harry. Then, that course, there’s the reality that the song’s location is usually his name. Yup, definitely Harry.

“Mine” - Cory Monteith

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T-Swift said Yahoo ago in 2010 that she penned “Mine” around a young that she right knew, who “put his arm around me by the water, and I witnessed the entire relationship flash prior to my eyes.” Well, Tay and “Glee” star Cory Monteith were rumored to have dated for around a month the year. So, it’s highly possible the popular music star supplied a combination of her past dating experience to imagine how their relationship can have played out --if, as she called Rolling Stone, she had the ability to let she guard down and take the next step.

“Back to December” - Taylor Lautner

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Unlike many of her various other songs about ex-boyfriends, “Back come December” isn’t scathing. The isn’t accusatory. It’s an apology… to Taylor Lautner. Exactly how do we know? Thelyricssay the all: “I miss your tan skin, your sweet smile.” Pretty an excellent description the everyone’s favourite “Twilight”werewolf, right? Then, there’s the timeline she lays out in city two, which syncs increase perfectly. The Taylors met top top the collection of the romantic comedy “Valentine’s Day” in the Summer that 2009. Your romance blossomed in the fall. And then they broke up in December of that year, after he flew under to visit her for her birthday (probably the line about leaving his roses to die). Pretty open-and-shut case, Swift fans. Taylor Lautner every the way.

“I Knew You were Trouble” - bother Styles

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In an interview through The Sunday time magazine ~ performing “I Knew You to be Trouble” in ~ the 2013 BRIT Awards, T-Swizzle flat-out admitted the her brand-new hit single was about One Direction hunk take care of Styles. The interviewer inquiry Taylor just how it feeling performing the track in former of Harry, and also Taylor answered, “Well, it’s not tough to accessibility that emotion when the human being the song is directed at is was standing by the next of the phase watching.” so that’s that. Look at out, ladies. Harry layouts = trouble.

“All also Well” - Jake Gyllenhaal

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In 2010, it to be rumored Taylor Swift spentThanksgivingin new York v her then-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal and his family. So, once “All too Well” to be released on Swift’s 2012 album “Red,” containinglyricslike: “Left my scarf there at her sister’s house” (Maggie Gyllenhaal lives in Brooklyn), “The fall leaves fall down like pieces into place” (Think: brand-new York around Thanksgiving), and “Your mother’s informing stories around you on a tee round team” (she met his parents),it was all too noticeable which ex-love “All too Well” to be about.

“Dear John” - man Mayer

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Well, T-Swift didn’t shot very difficult to obscure the topic of this one. Her brief fling v then 32-year-old man Mayer (12 years she senior) ended on a cake note simply months prior to the song’s October 2010 release. So even if the location didn’t guideline us off, thelyricswould have: “Don’t friend think i was as well young to be messed with? … Don’t friend think 19 is too young to be played by her dark twisted games, when I loved you so?” because the song’s release, john Mayer has gone on record saying he think the tune was a pretty low blow.

“Better 보다 Revenge” - Joe Jonas

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Well, actually, the #11 track turn off Taylor’s 2010 album “Speak Now” is about Camilla Belle -- the girl Joe Jonas dumped Taylor Swift because that -- not Joe Jonas. However hey, that counts too! Camilla and Joe started dating in October 2008, ~ she starred in the music video for the Jonas Brothers song “Lovebug.” no so coincidentally, that’s the exact same month Joe Jonas famously dumped T-Swift on a 27-second phone call.

Betrayed and made to feel inferior by her ex’s actions, Swift created thesescathing lyricsabout the actress: “Stealing other people’s toys on the playground won’t do you plenty of friends. She need to keep in mind… over there is nothing ns do better than revenge.” and it’s true. T-Swizzle is an absolute agree at penning tunes around people who have done she wrong.

“Begin Again” - Conor Kennedy

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In a 2012 interview with Ryan Seacrest, Taylor Swift claimed the #16 monitor off she album “Red” is about, “When you’ve obtained through a really negative relationship and you finally dust you yourself off.” At the moment in question, Taylor to be dusting herself off from a turoulend on-again-off-again connection with Jake Gyllenhaal, and also moving forward through RFK grandson Conor Kennedy.

In fact, she was allegedlyso enamored through Kennedy in the summer that 2012 that she purchase a house near the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts. So, it’s safe to assume that T-Swift created thelyrics“You traction my chair out and assist me in,” and also “I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny ’cause he never ever did” about her brand-new Kennedy beau.

“The critical Time” - Jake Gyllenhaal

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Taylor told NPR the she penned the #10 track on she 2012 album “Red” about a type of “unreliable guy. Girlfriend never recognize when he’s going come leave. Girlfriend never understand when he’s going to come back.” many people believe “The last Time” is about her 2010-2011 relationship with actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Ripe years she senior, Gyllenhaal is thought about quite the ladies male in Hollywood. The was connected to actress Rachel Bilson in 2010, actress Anna Kendrick in 2011, and also those are just the flings we know about. So, it’s fairly likely Swift was asking him to, “Put my surname at the top of her list.”

“Last Kiss” - Joe Jonas

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The #13 track off Taylor’s album “Speak Now” is rumored come be about singer Joe Jonas, who she date from July-October 2008. And if thelyricsare any kind of indication, it’s not simple to watch her ex relocate on in the general public eye: “So I’ll watch her life in images like I offered to clock you sleep. And also I feeling you forget me prefer I provided to feeling you breathe.”

“Picture come Burn” - Jordan Alford

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Tay wrote “Picture to Burn,” the #2 track off she self-titled debut album, around her high school boyfriend Jordan Alford and his “stupid old pickup truck” he never let her drive. Introduce to him throughout the song as a “redneck heartbreak,” it’s clear Taylor doesn’t reflect you re welcome on their love lost.

“Forever and Always” - Joe Jonas

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Of the #6 monitor off she 2008 album “Fearless,” Taylor Swift has said, “‘Forever And always is around when I remained in a connection with someone and also I was just watching him gradually slip away... The guy I wrote it about ended up break up through me for an additional girl. Guess: v I understand why he was fading.” and also who perform we know damaged up through Taylor for one more girl? Joe Jonas.

“Enchanted” - Adam Young

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Taylor wrote the #10 monitor on her album “Speak Now,” after conference Owl City frontman Adam Young. Young apparently sent her an email after the meeting, apologizing for being shy and also explaining that he to be so quiet since he was simply “wonderstruck” to accomplish her.

Taylor then used the indigenous “wonderstruck” as both alyricin “Enchanted” and also the surname of she fragrance. Though the pair never went on to date, Young to be so touched by the tune that that recordedhis own coverof that by tweaking a few lyrics to direct its post at Taylor.

“Holy Ground” - Joe Jonas

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Like “Last Kiss, “Forever and also Always” and also “Better 보다 Revenge,” “Holy Ground” is a song around Joe Jonas. But unlike those previously reactions to their breakup, this #11 monitor off her 2012 album “Red” remembers the connection (and the breakup, for the matter) in a much much more positive light. This is Tay Tay coming to grips through the way it all went down, psychic what she loved about him in the an initial place, and also moving on.

“Tim McGraw,” “Our Song,” “Fifteen”

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Taylor wrote 3 songs about high school beau Brandon Borello. And also from the sound of the lyrics, the didn’t really carry out anything wrong other than leave because that college prior to her. So, Mr. Borello has the distinction of having three great Taylor Swift songs written around him the all repaint him in a positive, young love kind of light. Girlfriend go, Bran Coco!

“Should’ve claimed No” - Sam Armstrong

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Taylor Swift wrote “Should’ve stated No,” the #9 track off her 2006 debut album, around a high institution boyfriend, who she found out cheated on her. The song’slyricsread, “You say that you’d take it it all back, provided one chance. It to be a moment of weakness and you stated yes.” Well, if he was regretting it then, opportunities are he’s yes, really regretting the now.

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