SNL’s Black Widow Lay out Was A VERY Different Avengers Story For Natasha The Black Widow movie will finally arrive in 2020, but a 2015 Saturday Night Live sketch imagined an extremely various take on Natasha"s solo movie.

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Saturday Night Live"s version of a solo Babsence Widow movie offered a really various take on Natasha"s solo adundertaking. The MCU kicked off via Iron Man in 2008, which was a surpclimb smash hit that kicked off a significant franchise. Marvel"s plan to make solo movies for characters choose Thor and Captain America prior to teaming them for The Avengers seemed insanely ambitious and also riskies at the moment, however it definitely passist off.

Scarlett Johansson"s Natasha Romanova - AKA Black Widow - was initially introduced to the MCU in 2010"s Iron Man 2, and became an critical character in the franchise. Despite this, it took roughly a decade for Natasha to receive her very own solo movie through the forthcoming Babsence Widow, which is currently collection for release in late 2020. This is despite fans - and also Johansson herself- calling for one considering that the early on days of the MCU.

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Scarlett Johanskid wtoo aware of fan frustrations over the lack of a Babsence Widow movie - or any kind of female-led superhero movies in general - once she acted as a guest hold on Saturday Night Live in May 2015. This was timed via the release of 2015"s Avengers: Period Of Ultron, which got controversy at the moment for its managing of the character and the lack of Black Widow merchandise that was made obtainable. SNL didn"t miss a opportunity to jab the absence of a solo movie either, giving its own take on a potential Babsence Widow movie.

Dubbed Babsence Widow: Age Of Me, Saturday Night Live"s film takes the form of a frothy romantic comedy wbelow Natasha, that has actually simply started a position at Fashion Weekly, falls for the charming cyborg Ultron. The trailer conveniently runs with all the rom-com cliches, from the accomplish cute in the park to love life chat via friends - that in this situation include Nick Fury, Thor and Captain America - before Ultron is revealed as a supervillain that breaks her heart. The pevaluation ends through Bobby Monaghan"s Hulk offering her ice cream - her favorite food.

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Babsence Widow: Era Of Me is very much a pointed parody of the MCU"s then seeming incapability to put together a female superhero task, with the Saturday Night Live version depicting a "chick flick" dialed approximately elalso. The sketch is greatly hosted together by Scarlett Johansson"s game commitment to the premise, and also it absolutely provides up a various take than the actual Babsence Widow movie, which will explore her origins.