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Imagine this. A medieval fantasy world, offering someone a digital camera. No reaction in ~ all. However giving someone a fish, still fresh from the ocean, and also everyone loses their minds. That's what this story is. Story: In this isekai story, the protagonist can teleport between our world and also a medieval fantasy world. (why is isekai always medieval??). The protagonist provides knifes and also guns to protect herself in this world. She is also weak to throw grenades, unfortunately. Climate she decides to open up a store, and sell points from our world. Like shampoo, chocolate and other usual everyday things. Her comes from solar panels, which likewise powers her TV and also game consoles. She is additionally a party planner, so she brings in digital cameras, speakers and LED lights. The point is, no one cares about all this high technology stuff. However when she serves new fish, anyone loses their minds. My point here is, this story is kind of weird. There's no consistency. Sure, the goal is come raise a substantial amount of money, but seriously there's sooo plenty of plot feet in what need to be one egg-streamly simple story.Fresh. Fish. That's what civilization react on. Digital cameras is naught special, those solar panels top top the roof or even the very suspiciously weird "canned food", no one cares around that. However fish? no dried, yet fresh!? WITCH!!! obtain my suggest here? It's like, what the hell is walking on? In the center ages, even something like a modern potato peeler would certainly be choose a gift indigenous god. And also nobody cares.Characters: okay so the protagonist is a high-school graduate, however she looks like a 12 year old. She is mentally strong and can kill other people without hesitation. (or so she says) certain this personality is a lot far better than what we are provided to. But unfortunately the story is as well soft, so also though the key character is badass, we hardly ever see her actually utilizing these cold-hearted political parties of her. Rather it's a happy-go-lucky story many of the time.Overall, for an isekai story, it's good. The idea of going to another world to do money for her retirement is one entertaining story. However the problem is the it's therefore boring when it's all about the same thing together hundreds other isekai novels.. "implementing modern technology in a middle ages fantasy world". For instance "crop rotation", as soon as you grow only one type of grain, the soil goes bad, therefore you need to adjust what you grow. I've read about that in 20 different isekai novels. Ours protagonist offered that details for a pretty penny.Protagonists are usually really knowledgeable to an unnatural degree. Yet the thing is, earth knowledge shouldn't it is in transferable to a fantasy world. So also if castle have much more knowledge than a college professor, the should greatly be useless. "Sea water is no drinkable due to the fact that it's salty" That's typical sense, yes? yet who can say that it's choose that in a fantasy world??? probably the salt is heavy and simply drops to the bottom of the ocean, prefer sand, therefore making the water drinkable. Perhaps the buoyancy is different, who knows, it's a freaking fantasy world. Come on now, are you not tired of "Fantasy Worlds" merely being a medieval civilization with magic? "Made in Abyss", now THAT is just how you do a human being interesting.