Completing this tough place obstacle gets you 10 fight stars in Fortnite's Battle Royale Seaboy 3!

A entirety new device of development simply arrived via Fortnite"s Seakid 3, as a batch of new obstacles arrive eexceptionally week to test your Battle Royale abilities.

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More than just obtaining kills with particular weapon types (although those challenges are tbelow as well), many type of of these weekly challenges will certainly test your knowledge of the map layout and force you to check out areas you"d commonly overlook.

One of the strangest difficulties to arrive in Week 2 of Battle Royale Season 3 taks you via "looking in between a Pool, Windmill and also an Umbrella," which does not really tell you much.

You are searching for an item to collect in a specific area based solely on landmarks that aren"t well noted. This hard-level challenge nets you 10 Battle Stars if you figure it out, though!

Below, we walk you via the whole process of completing the pool, windmill, and also umbrellan obstacle. Wondering where to discover the forbidden dancing authorize areas for this week"s various other bizarre challenge instead? Check out our full overview to dancing choose a madguy (and hopetotally not acquiring swarm in the process) right right here.

Grabbing the gold coin between the pool, windmill, and umbrella (many thanks to niitq for the screenshot)

How to Find The Fortnite Pool, Windmill, Umbrella Location

You might spfinish hrs combing the map trying to figure out simply specifically which pool, which windmill, and also which umbrella-shaped landmark the developers are referring to, yet where"s the fun in that? Because you"ll spfinish most of the complement trying not to gain gunned down instantly, it"s much easier to simply go right to the resource.

The location you are looking for is just a little west and also slightly north of the Anarchy Acres barns, situatedon a hilloptimal through a tree looking back towards Anarchy Acres.

The gold shield coin you must connect through to complete the challenge won"t be visible from a distance though -- it just spawns when you run close by, so you have to actually go to the extremely specific area to grab it. If you are making use of the grid map for recommendation, it is at the bottom of square E2 (view the red circle in the map below for a clearer picture of wright here to land).

The fight bus might not come from this direction though, making it harder to get on your initially try. If you began at a various edge of the map, you have the right to commonly acquire below pretty quick by jumping off roughly Tomato Tvery own.

When you carry out lastly arrive, be on the lookout for various other players! Because everyone is simply figuring out where the places for these new weekly obstacles are positioned, it is extremely most likely tbelow will be a bunch of various other homicidal players who immediately land at this very same spot.

Depending on wbelow you landed, it might be a far better (and safer) strategy to run over right here later in the complement as the storm is simply widening, as it is much much less likely the area will have 5 or six various other players standing on the hill.

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For those looking to take advantage of the obstacle mechanism to rack up kills, grabbing a gold chest in any of the Anarchy Acre barns and then hiding there and waiting to snipe anyone on the hill top is a really solid strategy, particularly if you land also prior to anyone else.

Landing at the Pool, Windmill, Umbrella difficulty location

Still require any even more assist with the game"s Save The World or Battle Royale settings to increase your ranking?

Check out ourfull list ofFortniteguides appropriate below, and be sure to leave a comment letting us recognize once you complete all of this week"s new Season 3 challenges!