Chemical Equation The an approach of representing a chemical reaction with the aid of symbols and formula is called chemical equation.

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For example :

Zinc+Sulphuric acid————->Zinc Sulphate+Hydrogen

Reactants Products

The reactants are constantly written ~ above left hand side in one equation through a plus sign between the.

The products are constantly written on ideal hand next in an equation v a add to sign between them.

A chemistry equation is the quick hand an approach of representing chemistry reaction.

Balanced Equation:It has actually equal variety of atoms the different aspects in reactants and also products.


Unbalanced Equation:It has unequal variety of atoms of different facets in reactants and products.

H2 + O2 —> H2O


Balancing of chemistry equation

The process of making the number of different species of atoms equal on both side of an equation is referred to as balancing equation.

Steps come balance chemistry equation

(1) write down the chemical reaction in the form of native equation,keeping reactants on left hand side and products on ideal hand side.

(2) create symbol and also formula of every reactants and also products in native equation.

(3) Balance the equation by multiply the symbols and also formula through smallest possible figures.

(4) do the equation many information by indicating physics state,heat changes,reaction condition.

(5) indicate the physical state of reactant and also products in one equation.we use the symbols as:solid(s), liquid(l), gas(g).

Example the balancing the equation(1) CH4 +O2 ————>CO2 +H2O

Step 1:Make H atoms equal(Multiply assets by 2) CH4 +O2 ————>CO2 +2 H2O

Step 2: main point oxygen of reactants by 2

CH4 + 2O2 ————>CO2 +2 H2O Balanced equation

(2) (Cu)2SO4 + NaOH ————-> Cu(OH)2+Na2SO4

Step 1) Multiply sodium hydroxide through 2

CuSO4 + 2 NaOH ————-> Cu(OH)2 + Na2SO4 Balanced equation

(3) Fe + H2O————-> Fe3O4 + H2

Step 1) Multiply Fe through 3 ~ above left hand side

3 Fe+ H2O————-> Fe3O4 + H2

Step 2)Multiply oxygen by 4 ~ above left hand side

3 Fe+ 4 H2O————-> Fe3O4 + H2

Step 3)Multiply hydrogen through 4 on ideal hand side

3 Fe+ 4 H2O————-> Fe3O4 +4 H2 well balanced equation

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