Former basketball player Seo Jang-hoon "did much more than Love," Self-destrouct said.

On June 19, JTBC "Knowing Brother", Seo Jang-hoon indirectly pointed out Boyn"s divorce.

Seo Jang-hoon welcomed Kim Ki-bang, Taehang-ho and also Lee Ho-cheol who appeared as carry students, and then walk on a blind date with Lee Ho-cheol, who had long rest in Love.Seo Jang-hoon turned into a "south rose" and greeted Lee Ho-cheol. Then he stated to Lee Ho-cheol, "Why did no you perform love?" Lee Ho-cheol said, "Did girlfriend sin?"

So Lee Ho-chul wondered, "Why perform you have a boyfriend? I do not think so. Did girlfriend buy a headband?" Seo Jang-hoon said, "Are friend fighting now?I walk a many love, even much more than love, "he replied.

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Lee Sung-kyung "four-year-old younger sister, acting as a music actor...more 보다 me" (white-half-time)

Actor Lee Sung-kyung spoke around his 4-year-old younger sister. In the 118th illustration of TV Chosun 'White travel of the Diner huh Young-man' (hereinafter referred to as 'White Travel'), i m sorry was broadcast on august 27, the Incheon Ganghwa Island delicacy table v actor Lee Sung-kyung was portrayed. Lee Sung-kyung revealed the he had a brother that was 4 years old, saying, "It is a younger sister, however it is strong, thick and good, like a son." "I'm law musicals, I'm just beginning and working hard," she responded to huh Young-man, who asked her brother's present situation.

Fencing nationwide player Kim Jun-ho has actually revealed a tear-twin story that his wife, who is five years old. Kim Jun-ho showed up on the tee actors E channel 'No Bro 2', which was an initial broadcast on august 23, with fencing nationwide team Gu Bon-gil and also Kim Jung-hwan. Five Sang-wook was unable to take part in the recording since he had to act the injured place after the Olympics. Kim Jun-ho participated in the recent 2020 Tokyo Olympics v Gu Bon-gil, Kim Jung-hwan and also Oh Sang-wook. ~ a collection of near matches, he to be honored through Gold medal in the fencing Sabres men's team exhibition. "All three of my wives are stewardesses," Park stated after a short welcome for the fencing Avengers team. Later episodes that fencing Avengers wives' post-Olympics were released. "My wife cried together I called, ns was under a lot of pressure due to the fact that I only played in the team event," Kim Jun-ho said. "I was worried about that and also I had a most conversations, ns cried on the

"Don"t let walk of the heart line" Lee Su-min, Should capture the premiere dubbed the fresh youthful charm


On Tuesday, Yon Joo-man wrote on his Instagram account: "Squid game. Find out where I'm comes from through my voice. Not much. I have a memory that i took critical year as soon as I to be sweating in the hot summer. It to be hard but fun. " within the photo is a picture of Yoon Joo-man staring at the camera in a purple occupational suit. Netizens' interest gathered in the appearance of 'squid game' like Yoon Joo-man's. The netizens who watched the photos responded such together "Where room you? Samo? Nemo? Circle?", "Semio in the operation scene?", "Yoon actor who likewise appeared just in the masterpiece."

A biased line: boring. It’s a long story. The video game itself is boring, too, before it beginning full-fledged games. That is a video game that risked his life, however it is no shocking also if he is punished. This is why the declares Boycott ~ above the video clip streaming Netflix collection 'Squid Game'. The Squid game tells the story of civilization who space in the game of death to victory the 45.6 billion won prize money that they have readjusted from your lives. Lee Jung-jae and Park Hae-soo will certainly be in the original job-related prepared by manager Hwang Dong-hyuk of suspiciously She and also Namhansanseong 13 years ago. It is slow. Many of the very first episode is committed to why Lee Jung-jae had actually to step into the game of death. I want to develop up a factor to go into the 'Squid Game' by looking at his situation, which is a total an obstacle such together gambling addiction, white water, divorce, and also incompetence. As soon as you’re frustrated, the game and the sentence because that the failure are much less complicated than expected. That steams to the point that
Astro member Cha Eun-woo confirmed off his talent together 'genius' as he looked. Cha Eun-woo purchased the 20th floor of invoice Polaris in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul ~ above July 7 for 4.9 exchange rate won and confirmed that it perfect the registration on September 7th. The mortgage setting was '0 won' and also bought 100% cash without Loans. Invoice Polaris, located in Cheongdam-dong, is thought about to be a representative high-end component with 3 floors underground and 20 floors over ground. Situated on the Han River, the Han River view is secured, and the within is made of high-quality materials. In invoice Polaris, whereby Cha Eun-woo is located, actor Park Min-young is a neighbor; the former owner that Lake, purchased by Cha Eun-woo, is Choi Chi-hoon, chairman the Samsung C & T's plank of directors. In February 2012, Choi Chi-hoon set a mortgage the 960 million won and also bought it for 3.9 billion won; he paid off all Loans set for the Lake in February 2015. The profit completed by the revenue is
Kim Yeon-kyung, five Ji-young, Yeom Hye-sun, Kim Hee-jin, Lee So-young, Ahn Hye-jin and also Park Eun-jin that the women's volleyball team, who provided hope and impression come the world through passion and also passion the they walk not give up in '2020 Tokyo organizing Committee that the Olympic and' In fact, 'Running Man' is the very first entertainment show in i m sorry a big number of female volleyball team football player appear. The production team is prepare a special feature for the restricted meeting between 'Running Man' members and also national team players. Automatically after the '2020 Tokyo organizing Committee that the Olympic and', miscellaneous portals and online neighborhoods were flooded with requests because that 'Running Man' by national players, and the meeting between the women's volleyball team and also 'Running Man' to be finalized. The gyeongju of 'Running Man' and the women's volleyball team, which will certainly be a meeting of the past level that have the right to not be seen in any kind of
'Running Man' Ahn Hye-jin admits nickname 'Shin Min-ah the volleyball' In SBS entertainment 'Running Man' broadcasted top top the 26th, the women's volleyball team Kim Yeon-kyung, Kim Hee-jin, Yeom Hye-sun, oh Ji-young, Lee So-young, Ahn Hye-jin and also Park Eun-jin that wrote the semi-finals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics were invite as guests. On this day, Ahn Hye-jin explained the nickname "Shin Min-ah the volleyball." The players to be wondering, and also Oh Ji-young said, "I thought it to be pretty, yet Shin Min-ah heard it for the very first time." "I didn't talk first, yet I think the fans talked nicely," claimed Ahn Hye-jin. So Kim said, "What carry out you think? It's no that, "he asked, and Ahn Hye-jin laughed, saying," It seems similar. " Yoo Jae-seok said, "Ahn Hye-jin is not driven by Kim Yeon-kyung." Kim Yeon-kyung said, "It's no a joke. It's because the packaging is good. I always seem to say someth
Actor Lee Soo-kyung to express his gratitude come the support of gibbs Kim Nam-gil, that is the representative that Gil Story Eanti. Lee Soo-kyoung, the lead character in the movie "I Wish" (director Lee Jang-hoon), met with an online video interview top top Wednesday afternoon. 'I Wish' is the motif that Yangwon station of Bonghwa, Gyeongbuk, which became the first private history in Korea in 1988. The only way to go is to walk to the train, however I painted the story the Jungyeong and also the world in the neighborhood who desire to have a straightforward station in the mountain village where there is no train station. The 4-dimensional mathematics genius young Jun Kyung (Park Jung-min), the principled engineers Tae Yoon (Lee Sung-min), and also Lee Soo-kyung, the sister the Lee Dere, gave a warm family affection, the self-styled "Muse" Rahee (Im Yoon-a) and Jun Kyung offered a new romance come teenagers, and became a Pilam Movie the all Chuseok generations might enjoy. The actual film is a steady a

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group Red Velvet member Seulgi has actually revealed the latest. Top top October 5, Seulgi posted number of photos top top his SNS v an write-up called "Halong". In the photo, Seulgi wore a light blue shirt, a black color jacket and slacks; Seulgi had actually a chic look and emanated a girl crush charm. Fans responded to the posts, "It's not a person," "My sister is therefore beautiful," and also "I really love friend so much." Red Velvet released Milky method as the fourth runner of ours Beloved BoA, a task commemorating the 20th anniversary that BoA's debut on respectable 21st. Jang hee-soo