Like most of that is predecessors, zero Of The tomb Raider contains a bunch of various puzzles because that you come complete. And also as you would expect from a series called dig Raider, plenty of of the game's trials are situated within the game's various an obstacle tombs. One, in particular, is named Temple that the Sun, and it has a very tricky mirror puzzle.

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unequal most video game trials the involve mirrors, this challenge doesn't task you with guiding a solitary ray that light right into a certain spot. Instead, every mirror has actually its own ray the light, i beg your pardon you have the right to aim at specific crystals to transform the positioning of steel beams. You can then walk throughout these bits the scaffolding to get to various other locations. The target is to develop a pathway therefore you have the right to reach the preferred artifact ~ above the other side the the room.

right here is every step you should take to complete one that the hardest puzzles in the game.

how To complete The Tomb

The following is the step-by-step overview on completing the tomb.

Shadow the The tomb Raider Screenshot the Lara Croft relocating The an initial Mirror to The Left
rotate the first mirror you view as you go into the room (mirror one) to the left, which will certainly light up a crystal and swing a beam around.

Shadow that The dig Raider Screenshot that Lara Croft Walking across A Beam To winter Two

Shadow that The dig Raider Screenshot that Lara Croft bright Mirror two Under Platform

Shadow the The dig Raider Screenshot the Lara Croft Pointing mirror At Beam top top Right

Shadow the The tomb Raider Screenshot of Lara Croft on A Beam
Turn mirror 3 to the left, therefore it's no much longer pointing in ~ the facility platform and is instead illuminating the pipe you've simply walked along.

Return to mirror one again by using the same path that obtained you to mirror three. Girlfriend will have to climb up the wall surface on the left to with the beams.

once again, you should swivel mirror one around, so that points at the decision to her left, developing the path to mirror two.

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Then, head earlier to the very first mirror again.

relocate mirror one so that it's aiming right ahead, with the facility platform, and shining ~ above a crystal at the various other side.

Traverse the pole you've just spun around and also the one directly next come it, allowing you to with the final mirror (mirror four).

now you'll should walk ago along the pipe you've just come across, i beg your pardon you deserve to only with by climb the wall behind you.

once you've gotten across the beam and also dropped down, DON'T run to the following one. Instead, turn left to discover a little walkway the takes you to the center platform.

while on the platform, you should jump across the two pipes in the center of the water. Top top the various other side is her prize (Hoatzin's Hunger), and by collecting it, you've perfect the difficulty tomb.

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