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Tonight ~ above Bravo, Shahs of Sunset proceeds with one all brand-new Sunday, July 16, season 6 premiere called “The wonder Baby,” and we have your weekly Shahs that Sunset recap below. Top top tonight’s Shahs of Sunset Season 6 episode 1 as per the Bravo synopsis, “MJ and Tommy move right into their brand-new condo, just to clash through a neighbor, in the Season 6 opener. Also: Asa reveals her “miracle” pregnancy; GG is ~ above a course to recognize Zen; Mike hosts a housewarming party and MJ and also Reza face a crossroads.”

Tonight is walking to be another great episode the Shahs of Sunset for sure and also you’re not going to want to miss out on a minute. Song in at 8 afternoon EST on Bravo and we’ll be providing a Shahs of Sunset recap live right below for you yet in the meantime, hit increase the comments and also let us know your think on the new season!

Tonight’s Shahs that Sunset recap starts now – refresh Page often to acquire the most current updates!

This main on the season six premiere of Shahs that Sunset MJ is moving into her brand-new condo v her friend Tommie. They are having actually serious concerns with the condo because it requirements a major overhaul. MJ states “Living here has some major drawbacks such as construction and thievery.

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Mike is struggling through his newly solitary life. He says “My ex and also I are cordial. We message mostly around the dogs. Anyone is worried about how ns am coping v the single life so i have made decision to throw a residence party to display everyone that i am doing simply fine.” Mike is ~ above the phone v his mom. She asks the “How room you doing?” that tells she “I’m fine.”

Asa meets v Reza and reveals her pregnant to him. Reza is shocked the she retained the mystery from that for 5 months. The tells she “I’m therefore happy for you! currently when she riding in the carpool lane and you acquire pulled end you won’t obtain a ticket!” Asa laughs and also says “I won’t obtain a ticket. Ns gonna hit it!” Reza then gets serious and also says “What perform you think MJ is going come say once you call her?” Asa states “I expect she’ll it is in happy because that me. She has tendency to it is in a an unfavorable person, yet I’m happy and if she can’t be happy for me she deserve to take the negativity and also keep it moving. Ns don’t have time because that that.

At MJ’s condo Vida mirrors up to check out the brand-new place. She states “What room you males doing with all of these boxes in the middle? What am I an alleged to execute if I desire a glass of water?” Vida is no happy to see Tommie there. She says “I will certainly never pertained to the apartment if that is there.” MJ says “My dad had actually a mild stroke and is in the hospital. Hopefully he will certainly make a complete recovery. Hearing Tommie and also my mother fight sounds favor the critical fight my mom had actually with my dad.” She tells Tommie “Don’t scream at her.” Tommie quickly apologizes come MJ to shot and save the peace, yet Vida is still no happy.

GG is meeting v her girlfriend Tara at Hyperslow for a Yoga class. GG says “Some people can be told the fire is hot and they will never ever touch it. Through me If you tell me it’s warm I will jump right into it.” suddenly there are loud screams coming from anyone in the room. Tara states “What if we thought around forgiveness as me love? We are going to create down what we desire to forgive and also throw it away.”

Asa and also her mommy are over there for she ultrasound. The Dr tells her “The next time friend come you’ll have actually to get your flu shot and other vaccinations. Asa is very nervous about this. She claims “I don’t recognize if I desire to perform that.” The Dr tells she “All that this is great for you and the baby.” Asa’s mommy tells her “You can’t feed the baby any crap. No soda or meat.”

Reza and also Adam are playing tennis. Adam twisted his ankle and also starts talk to Reza around wanting a baby. Adam says “I desire a infant sooner rather than later.” Reza says “We’ve only been married a year. I think we should wait until we have a house and also are much more settled prior to we start talking around having kids.” Adam speak Reza “Knowing the Asa is pregnant renders me desire one now.” Reza is an extremely disturbed by this…

Mike and also Shervin are hanging the end at Mike’s brand-new house as soon as Reza mirrors up. Reza asks “What’s walk on in ~ the crib?” Mike says “I desire to have actually my housewarming party this week,” Reza states “What space you walking to do for the party?” Mike says “Just other simple.” Reza says “Please Mike. I have a friend that plans parties, allow me contact her. You have the money.” Reza then asks “Who is ~ above the guest list?” Mike states “Just the homeboys and also GG.” Reza claims “I can not be roughly GG. Ns don’t desire to be in the same room with her.” Mike says “Fine. Ns won’t invite her due to the fact that I don’t want drama, however i’m telling you she changed.” Reza states “I don’t think you. I’m waiting for a flying pig.”

MJ asks Reza come come v her on a surprise outing, once they obtain to the location Reza . Out they are gaining their assholes bleached. He claims “No one is going all over near my .” MJ speak him “We’re gaining this done.” once it comes time because that this procedure Reza freaks out and he is no happy. He claims “My ass is walk to be pretty and also brown through an angry white mouth!” once it’s GG’s turn her procedure goes lot smoother. Reza tells she “Babe her ass is for this reason pretty!”

Mike is clean up and also preparing for his housewarming party. Reza’s party planning girlfriend comes end to get things set up. She bring over warm waitresses and setting up other things. Mike comes in and sees the ladies that Destiny has positioned v bikinis and also lampshades on their heads. He claims “Some human being can say i’m an asshole, yet I had no idea this was happening.”

The guests begin arriving and also Asa and also MJ room not happy to view each other. MJ is not interested in rekindling their friendship. The guests room standing external talking and also someone asks around GG Mike says “I no invite her out of respect for certain friends here.” MJ smirks. Mike says “If you are interested in hold a grudge that’s on you.” climate Asa states “I have actually a huge announcement come make.” She climate turns and also shows off her infant bump. Everyone is excited because that her except MJ. She states “I can’t believe Asa gained pregnant first.”

MJ make the efforts to it is in happy, also going so far as to embrace and congratulate Asa on her news, yet she is ruined to listen the news. She heads right into the kitchen. Shervin follows and tries to comfort her. He says “I can appreciate the you put every little thing on organize for your dad, however you have to remember come live for MJ too.” MJ says “I don’t want to have actually a baby ideal now.” It’s noticeable that she is upset around Asa’s pregnancy though. Reza take away MJ exterior where she autumn a bombshell.

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She says “I desire to have actually a infant too.” She additionally admits that she’s no ready. Mike thanks everyone because that coming to the party and thanks Destiny for planning it…