Venezuelan bombshell Shannon De Lima that is likewise the girlfriend of renowned Colombian football player James Rodriguez is sweltering cyberspace in her hot bikini avatar. Here are the photos.

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Born ~ above January 6, 1988, in Venezuela, Shannon De Lima is a renowned design who has been taking the internet by storm v her sensational bikini photos. This Venezuelan beauty beauty is renowned as the ex-wife the the famous singer Marc Anthony. She is currently known to be date the famous Columbian soccer player James Rodriguez and also said to have a infant boy v him born through surrogacy. Shannon is likewise an entrepreneur and also a renowned Instagrammer v a pan base of 2.4million.

Shannon constantly had a liking for modelling and before she earned she fame she won the title of Miss planet Venezuela in 2005. Because then there has been no looking back, and she had been featured in plenty of reputed newspaper covers and also features. Presently she has actually been tantalizing the netizens through uploading she bikini picture on Instagram.

Shannon has modelled for a lot of magazines and additionally for the netizens and also in one of such circumstances she flung open her colourful wrap to expose her sensuous number clad in a colorful bikini. She watch absolutely warm in this picture.

Donning a blue bikini and a sheer white gown, the super-hot Shannon to be clicked posing for the lens under the the shade of the tree in ~ a beachside.

In a beige and black lacey lingerie, Shannon to be clicked flaunting she worshippable curves close to the poolside. She is a stunner you just can’t ignore.

Her tremendous curves and also assets to be perfectly emphasize by her sultry pose and also the sun shining brightly above. This picture of the Venezuelan beauty will etch her name in her heart forever.

This photo of bikini-clad Shannon De Lima basking in the sunlight will leave you perspiring profusely. Her unfiltered oomph is a tad little too lot to handle.


Shannon De Lima has gained an incredible figure and also beauty i beg your pardon she uses to leaving her virtual fans tantalized. In this picture, she looked no less than a seductress in that colourful snake-printed bikini.

The Venezuelan beauty Shannon De Lima knows just how to slay the bikini look. This photo of her donning a blue bikini and also striking a sultry pose in front of the lens is proof sufficient that she is a pro.


Flaunting her incredible assets, sensuously toned legs, washboard abs and flawless beauty, beauty in a white bikini, Shannon De Lima was clicked modelling under the the shade of the tree come grab part attention that the netizens.

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Bikini-clad Shannon De Lima was clicked enjoying her time soaking in the tropical sunlight while revelling in the soothing, turquoise blue water of the ocean.