In a little pool of classic friendships in between male-identifying and female-identifying personalities in TV, Garcia and Morgan the the crime drama Criminal Minds are the rarely birds that cheekily toed the line in between friendship, flirtation, and also romance for 11 seasons. Their frivolous banter and also fierce friendship helped the display gain many brownie points transparent its run. This chemistry begged the apparent question then: room Shemar Moore, that plays Morgan, and also Kirsten Vangsness, that plays Garcia, friend off-screen?

Morgan and Garcia’s journey On-Screen


Kirsten Vangsness and also Shemar Moore | Darren Michaels/CBS via Getty Images)

Penelope Garcia, or together we fondly recall what Morgan dubbed her – baby Girl, was a goth nerd who joined the Behavioral analysis Unit as a technology analyst in Season 1. Morgan is a young BAU team member who has actually the capability to be same charming and intense. Top top the various other hand, Garcia is an clever hacker, who since of her loved one repulsion native violent crimes and also a chirpy demeanor seems choose a misfit at the first glance.

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Garcia and also Morgan have a distinctive relationship appropriate from the start. Your light-hearted humor brings a much-needed balance between the show’s otherwise tomb theme. Their nicknames, Garcia’s infant Girl and also Doll face being the most renowned ones, come Morgan’s warm stuff or chocolate thunder, were just the reminder of the iceberg. Their conversations went from funny to frisky in a beat and also never failed to game the fans.

Their relationship additionally saw the earnest and authentic moments once both of lock stood by each other, dealt with for and also with each various other as well. But never left every other, till Season 11 once Morgan chose to leaving the BAU come be v his family. This, however, didn’t carry their friendship to an end. Morgan named Garcia the godmother of his son and also that offered all the pan hope the Baby Girl and Hot Stuff would be BFFs forever.

Moore and also Vangsness room Friends In genuine Life

Never. Gets. Old.

— Kirsten Vangsness (
Vangsness) in march 24, 2016

All the this real care and love couldn’t have actually been acting, might it? Well, in this case, that wasn’t. In a 2018 interview v Parade, Vangsness revealed the it was your chemistry off-screen that encouraged the authors to focus on their relationship on-screen.

Initially readily available a lot smaller role, Vangsness was readily available increased screen-time after the producers witnessed her joking with Moore. It was after the table read of her second episode that just the main cast was asked to stay for a video on sexual harassment.

“I to be sitting right next to Shemar. He was joking around during the sexual harassment thing, and I both wanted to be favored by the popular kid and also I wanted to monitor directions, so I’m really quietly joking around with that back,” Vangsness said Parade.

Within a day, she got rewrites that consisted of scenes through Moore.

“We shot together the next day and we were like, ‘Oh, mine gosh. We have chemistry.’ Neither one of us knew it till we to be doing it and it just built from there,” Vangsness added

From there till the end of Season 11, Morgan and Garcia offered their fans sufficient moments come fondly psychic them. In fact, Vangsness, who later on took to composing for the show, co-wrote Moore’s last episode and described the entire experience as rather “emotional.” and this is no all. Moore additionally had a small role in Vangsness’ movie Kill Me Deadly. What might this be if no friendship?

Friends Or More?

HBD girlfriend astonishing human.

— Kirsten Vangsness (
Vangsness) April 21, 2020

Despite their chemistry, which ended up being a substantial highlight of the show, your relationship never ventured into the romantic sphere, lot to the disappointment of part fans. There to be moments where it seemed like it to be going to happen, yet the writers never ever took that road for Morgan and Garcia.

Criminal mental was, by definition, a severe drama that did not have many major romantic arcs. The characters, almost all of them, at some allude or the other had actually romantic relationship that were merged with the main plots or ongoing cases. But nothing the linked any kind of of the team members through each other, other than for JJ and Reid’s much-debated end of Season 14 arc, which highlighted the romantic facet of their otherwise platonic relationship.

Since JJ and also Reid’s partnership was the just other continual male-female friendship in the show, that knows what revolve Garcia and also Morgan’s connection would have actually taken had Morgan remained on. Well, that has actually been left to the viewers’ imagination.

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In genuine life together well, even as Vangsness and also Moore have actually shared a close connection in the public eye for a long time. They have, however, never ever left their connection to anyone’s imagination and also have kept that they space friends. But even learning that Garcia and Morgans are BFFs in real life, is a large win because that Criminal Minds’ fans.