The striker-fired SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry is the medium version the the very regarded P320 heat of polymer semi-automatic pistols. In SIG Sauer parlance, the pistols loss into five sizes. From biggest to smallest, they are full, carry, compact, subcompact and also microcompact. For this reason the P320 X-Carry fits between the full-size P320 XFive and also the P320 XCompact.

The X marks SIG Sauer’s elite series of P320s. The P320 X-Carry is slightly smaller sized in every measurement than the conventional SIG Sauer P320 XFive, for instance. The P320 X-Carry’s all at once length is 7.4”, versus 8.6” because that the standard dimension P320 XFive. The barrel is 3.9” (versus 5.0”), width 1.3” (versus 1.3”), elevation 5.3” (versus 5.8”) and also finally, its weight is just 26.5 ounces (versus 35.0).

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The slightly an ext compact size of the X-Carry make it easier to conceal and also easier to use than the full-size P320 collection semi-automatics.

This 9 mm pistol comes with a trio of 17 ring twin-stack magazines.

This SIG Sauer pistol comes standard incorporated with X-RAY3 daytime/nighttime sights instead of straightforward sight short articles or blades. The front vision is a green dot within a environment-friendly luminescent circle if the rear sight has white luminescent circles. The notched rear vision is horizontally serrated to mitigate reflections. The advantage is that these daytime/nighttime gunsights allow the gun come be provided under a range of lighting conditions.

Along the top of the barrel, a invited chamber indicator shows when there’s a round in the chamber. And unusually, the rear has actually a black color sight plate permitting upgrades to a SIG Romeo 1 red dot reflex sight. The top of the slide has a rectangle-shaped lightening port simply aft that the former sight.

The SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry is comfortable. Whatever is wherein you’d intend it and also want it. The structure is stainless steel. The beavertail is expanded for boosted comfort. This gun feels an excellent in the hand and also looks an excellent too. The flat trigger is an update over the standard curved create of the typical P320 pistols. This one slopes out towards the bottom the the trigger guard and then breaks as soon as the cause is brought to vertical. Create pull is a continuous 6.0 pounds. The front of the cause guard itself is vertical and has serrations for enhanced feel, when the create guard has actually a quite deep undercut. Underneath the muzzle barrel is a three-slot accessory rail for laser sights, etc.

The polymer X-Carry tight Module is unique designed v texturing that extends come the height of the beavertail. And at the basic is a four-sided beveled magwell.

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The SIG Sauer P320 X-Carry’s materials are weighted just right, no too hefty nor also light, and yet everything feels very rugged and also long-lasting. The on slide is Nitron perfect stainless steel, the structure is stainless steel and also the barrel is carbon steel. Whatever has been assembled through tight manufacturing tolerances.

In 2018, the Danish to adjust of Defense selected this gun to outfit its army, navy, wait force and special operations and replace any kind of existing pistols carried by those company branches.