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After spending hours crafting the perfect character dvery own to the freckles on their nose, the following point you want is to provide them an outfit that suits them to a tee.

And what better means to give your adorable sim a distinctive look than by accessorizing.

The accessory options is TS4 might seem a little bit limited in the base game. And also via some expansion packs, you might gain a little sick of offering all your sims the very same pendant necklace or hoop earrings.

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Well ta-da: that’s where CC comes in!

Chokers are the perfect accessory for any kind of girl, and even some guys!

And with the selection of tradition content out there, you should be able to uncover one to match any kind of outfit. From gothic to grandiose, cool to classy, we’ve acquired you extended.

15. Viirinx Choker


Check Out This CC

Starting off straightforward we’ve gained the Viirinx choker by Magnolia-c.

With 6 different colors obtainable, this fundamental choker necklace is perfect for any kind of style. And I expect really, anyone might pull this off.

This is the type of necklace you deserve to pair through anything and also it will certainly always include that additional pizzazz.

Whether you’re going out to dance, heading out through your hot brand-new townie day, or heading off for your first day Britechester College, this bit necklace adds a nice finishing touch to any look.

14. Laurel Leaf Choker


Check Out This CC

Fancy giving your sim that gorgeous Grecian style?

Then the Laurel set and choker by Blahberry Pancake is the one for you. It’s a small odd, hard to match, yet via the best outfit it’ll grab attention for sure.

With a laurel leaf style reminiscent of Athena, Aphrodite, and also Hera you can make your sims look classy, cultured, and also effective.

13. Stellar Star Necklace


Check Out This CC

This adorable stellar necklace by creator Screaming Mustard is pastel, spacey, and entirely kawaii.

While chokers may frequently be considered a much more gothic or edgy accessory, this variation on the style renders chokers a versatile necklace for any type of cute gal.

Pair this via some matching earrings for a super cute look.

12. Harley Quinn Style


Check Out This CC

For all the Suicide Squad and Harley Quinn fans out tbelow, we’ve obtained you covered!

CC creator Ruchell Sims made the Puddin’ choker necklace in 6 swatches.

Have you been wanting to re-produce your fav crazy killer? Now’s your chance!

11. Wavy Choker


Check Out This CC

Now this wavy choker by Guilietta is somepoint I absolutely love.

And I’d more than likely wear this in real life if I might pull it off.

It’s artsy, modern-day, and also sensibly simple through four standard colors, however adds a nice touch to any type of outfit.

10. Kira Choker


Check Out This CC

Next up we have actually the Kira choker by pralinesims.

And this one’s pretty crazy, so def not for everyone!

This spiked choker is accessible for both male and female sims in 10 radical colors. I love this look so a lot, it’s perfect for that teenage goth/rebel sim we all know and love to play via (it’s not simply a phase, mom!)

This choker goes well through a leather jacket, ripped jeans, and also a hardcore personality.

9. Retro Tattoo Choker


Check Out This CC

A throwearlier to what we all wore in 2015 (or if you’re an OG then you remember these from the 1990s).

Either means this is a classical to have actually in your wardrobe. This CC load comes via 5 tatas well chokers, additionally by pralinesims, via 2 shade formats.

A bit simple, but we all know and love this classical look.

Complete your E-girl fantasy with this little piece of CC.

8. Crescent Moon Diamond Choker


Check Out This CC

I love this crescent moon diamond choker by NataliS.

An understated accessory, this choker necklace has witchy spacey vibes written almost everywhere it. Which leaves me via a few questions…

Is your sim a budding astrologer?

Or probably she’s a spellcaster living in a very closely curated cottage? Or also a vampire from the depths of forgotton hollow?

Well whatever play style you have, this choker is a great accessory for any kind of sim that loves that occult edge.

7. Heart Broken Choker


Check Out This CC

This is tremendous, flashy, and entirely distinctive.

The heartbroken choker (with equivalent earrings) by Blahberry pancake are some of the craziest CC in this list.

With a mind-blowing 50 color swatches to choose from, this CC collection has a small something for any kind of trend.

And the choker has actually a Melanie Martinez-esque vibe created anywhere it via the astronomical range of color. You could look gothic or babydoll to suit whatever you need. Amazing!

6. Metal & Suede Choker


Check Out This CC

Anvarious other item by NataliS is this gorgeous steel and suede choker.

This is absolutely less complicated via only four colors available, and is super classy and chic. I love the layered effect as well.

For a choker design through such an elegant & timeless style, this CC might suit sims of any type of age.

5. Sky Moon Choker


Check Out This CC

The skies moon choker by DarkNighTt adds a modern twist to the timeless choker style.

With an open up front and also a drop pendant crescent moon, this stunning CC necklace has actually 4 various shade swatches and also a lot to love.

This really has that “nighttime party-time” vibe to it.

Anvarious other innovative look, and also absolutely exquiwebsite for accessorizing.

4. Blood Drip Choker


Check Out This CC

With a brand-new angle on the typical choker we have actually this oddly tantalizing blood drip-styled necklaceby DarkNighTt.

Edgy, dark, occult, you can wear this look in red or babsence.

And it’s such a distinctive principle, I’m totally in love through it. Seems perfect for Halloween as well.

Give this to your vampire sims to emphadimension their blood lust, or give it to their victims after they’ve taken a bite… simply to add a touch of realism!

3. Cosette Choker


Check Out This CC

Here we’ve acquired a cute cosette choker, aget by pralinesims(one of the finest modders out there).

This choker has an immense 60 different colors, all in the same style, so you have no excuses for not corresponding to your look.

Taking after the punk and also collar-favor fashion of Germale subsociety, this feminine take on the look doesn’t go overboard. But it still packs a punch.

2. Moon & Sun Set


Check Out This CC

ErSch sims gave us this moon&sunlight CC collection, and also all I can say is WOW!

This choker is detailed and detailed without being overwhelming or flashy.

With a equivalent tiara, headband also, and earrings made by the same creator, this stunning look is regal and also ethegenuine.

Yet it’s approachable so that any kind of gorgeous lady could pull this off.

1. Neck Scarf Choker


Check Out This CC

Coming in here at the top of my ranking, I decided this gorgeous tied neck-scarf choker by practice content maker Christopher067.

This style is something I can check out myself wearing through an day-to-day loss look. And it’s both classy and also casual.

Wear it to the office, out for drinks, or simply out & around shopping for new shoes.

With 13 various colors, this neck scarf CC gives a versatile accessory that can go through almost anypoint.

And even much better, bereason this can be uncovered under the bracelet category in create-a-sim, you deserve to wear it with your favorite necklace underneath!

This look is à la mode and also incredibly chic – pairs well with Mom jeans, an easy wide neck jumper, and sneakers for an effortlessly stylish everyday look. Mwah!

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