SISTER SISTER african Hair Braiding Welcome You! Winner of 2016 & 2018 finest African Hair Braids and also Weaves Shop, this CROW road braiding salon is wherein you space Pampered in a relaxed atmosphere surrounded by skilled hair braiding stylists.We provide an exceptional customer business as we utilize superior techniques and also top of the line hair braiding accessories. Us are experienced HAIR BRAIDERS with specialization in various hairstyles varying from Faux Locks, Crochet, crate braids, twist to herbal Hair etc... We space committed to wonderful customer service and your satisfaction is very important come us. We placed our many years of braiding hair experience at your business to achieve that goal.


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This is hands under the ideal hair braiding shop I’ve ever before taken my wife. I generally hate going come head places and also don’t understand much around hair however they had my baby looking FABULOUS!! Lol like their skills is yes, really something to it is in in awe of. And also the manager , she was so cursed sweet and also took care of all of my wife’s needs and mine too. She also gave snacks come the little ones. Every in all, a great experience and also would absolutely come back time and also time again. Give thanks to you very much and. Sasha !!

Just obtained medium-sized Senegalese twists, and it was such a an excellent process! I have pretty lengthy hair the is already mid-back, therefore there was an up-charge (extra $30) but that\"s to it is in expected. Sasha come through and also greeted everyone and thanked them for coming by, and every one of the various other ladies to be nice as well. Two human being worked on mine hair so i was in and out in about 4.5 hours which to be amazing! Docking a star due to the fact that I\"m no sure exactly how the twists will carry out over time, and can\"t totally vouch for them simply yet, however I\"m pleased therefore far.


This to be my first time going come them and I wanted to execute my top head v braids and also leave the back cut(undercut). But when they observed my hair castle told me they would certainly not have the ability to braid the sides since it was also short. Therefore they go the top. I told them walk for it and I want to speak it come out real great thanks to those talented braiders (I had actually to go to mine barber so he might shave the sides and also back) many thanks for gift patient through me ladies, ns forgot what it was like gaining my hair braided and sitting because that so lengthy lol! Sister friend have good ladies through you there. Save up the good customer service!


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1.PAYMENT because that Braids/Weaves/Touch increase or Take down due before services room rendered...2. We accept just CASH. Every sales are final - NO REFUNDS.

3. Credit transaction CARD? no all shop take it, you must ask about it prior to proposing come pay through it. (NO CHECK.)

4. In order come ensure your finish satisfaction, us strongly encourage our client to check their Braids/Weaves before LEAVING THE SHOP