Sloan Flushmate M-101526-F3pressure-assist systems for two-piece toilets are part of Flushmate"s 503 Series. Flushmate makes these systems for many toilet brands such asCrane, Mansfield, and more... On this page you will find:

REPLACEMENT TANKS- Tanks are brand specific with the following options:

Toilet Brands-Universal 503 -or- Kohler K-4404 -or- Gerber 28-385Water Consumption-1.6 GPF Standard -or- 1.28 GPF Low ConsumptionTank Kit Type-Tank Kit -or- Tank Kit with Handle

REPAIR PARTS- Parts are compatiblewithall 503 tanks.

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Sloan Flushmate BL100504-K Straight Inlet Supply Kit (Discontinued)

Model #: BL100504-K Item #: 107431

Sloan Flushmate BL100504-3-K Angled Inlet Supply Kit (Discontinued)

Model #: BL100504-3-K Item #: 107430

Sloan Flushmate RK100100 Straight Complete Supply Kit (Discontinued)

Model #: RK100100 Item #: 129643

Sloan Flushmate BP200108-1 Large Discharge Gasket and Hardware Kit - 2-pc Toilet

Model #: BP200108-1 Item #: 164331

Sloan Flushmate K100101 Intelli-Flush Wall-Mount Sensor (with Chrome Trim)

Model #: K-100101 Item #: 129649

Sloan Flushmate K100100 Intelli-Flush Wall-Mount Sensor (with White Trim)

Model #: K-100100 Item #: 129648
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I put the parts on and they are working . A big thanks to you and your company for the help, also the videos were a help. I will use your company again!

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Absolutely the best customer service I"ve ever seen with a company. I"m a facilities manager so I deal with a lot of people and she was an absolute joy to speak with.