You have two piece for fabric. One item is 6 feet broad and the various other piece is 7.5 feet wide. You want to reduced both pieces into

Strips have to be 1.5 ft wide.

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Step-by-step explanation:


Width of 1st piece = 6 ft

Width of 2nd piece = 7.5 ft

To find:

To find the preferably width possible to make strips of equal dimension from both the pieces.


This difficulty can it is in visualized together if us are offered two numbers and also we have to uncover the Highest typical factor for both of castle i.e. HCF of 6 and 7.5 will be ours

Let us shot to factorize the given factors:



The common factors space highlighted above as underlined.

Therefore, the is 3

0.5 = 1.5 ft

Strips have to be 1.5 ft wide.

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What is the slop of 2x+3
seraphim <82>


Step-by-step explanation:

The slope, or price of change in any function is the number multiply by the independent change (in this case x).

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PLEASE assist math question
Neporo4naja <7>
D-40?,I’m not 100% certain but
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Help ns will note brainliest ASAP
tatuchka <14>
Where’s the concern or picture?
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Four croissants price 2.60. How much will certainly it price to acquisition 7 croissants?
Stella <2.4K>

Create a proportion.


Cross multiply.

4x = 18.2

Divide both sides by 4.

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x = 4.55

It will certainly cost $4.55 to purchase 7 croissants.

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