"Some Men simply Want To clock The people Burn" is one expression that is often used together an ironic caption in picture macros special a crude gesture, faux pas or blatant ignorance the instruction. That has additionally inspired the development of the snowclone layout "some X simply want to watch the civilization Y."


The phrase began showing up online after ~ it to be uttered in the July 2008 Batman film The Dark Knight (shown below) through Bruce Wayne"s servant Alfred Pennyworth (played by British gibbs Michael Caine) when explaining come Bruce Wayne (played by Christian Bale) that his nemesis, the Joker, is unlike any type of other criminal Batman has actually faced.

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The faster known photo macro include the phrase as a inscription was it is registered to Cheezburger"s Pundit Kitchen<8> on in march 5th, 2009 special a picture of conservative American politics commentator sirloin Limbaugh.



The following year, another image macro that superimposed the expression on a photograph of Tinky Winky native the the BBC children"s regimen Teletubbies (shown below) began circulating the web, appearing on feeling sites BestMemes<9>, MemeDepot<12> and Meh.Ro<10> in may 2010 and also on the Body structure forums in might 2011.

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In in march 2011, the phrase made its first appearance on Reddit<11> as the location of a fury comic around the enjoyment in declining Facebook invitations. On July 19th, 2011, a Facebook<5> web page title "Some Men just Want to clock the human being Burn" to be created, i beg your pardon accumulated much more than 4800 likes together of February 2013. On march 14th, 2012, the web humor website 9gag<4> published several photographs the objects that had actually been slightly unorganized or improperly eaten titled "Some men just want to watch the people burn." together of February 2013, the post has received much more than 65,000 up votes, 4,800 on facebook shares and also 295 comments. On July 19th, the web news blog Uproxx<3> published a slideshow of notable image macros include the caption. On September 15th, Redditor JustShiney submitted a picture titled "Some men just want to watch the people burn" to the /r/funny<7> subreddit, featuring a picture of several Coca-Cola bottles v a lone Pepsi bottle mistakenly grouped together (shown below). The article accrued 8364 upvotes, 1542 clues overall and also 153 comments prior to being archived.