Former staff Sgt. David Bellavia, the an initial living recipient indigenous the Iraq war to receive the Medal that Honor, was inducted into the Pentagon’s room of Heroes Wednesday.

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“Combatants be afflicted with witness come all elements of the human condition,” Bellavia said during the ceremony. “It expose the darkest parts of the person soul, when residing side by side with the many exalted characteristics: nobility, honor, valor, and also God’s grace.”

Bellavia to be nominated because that the Medal of honor in 2005 because that his organization saving an infantry squad and clearing a residence of insurgents throughout the fight of Fallujah in 2004. But the compensation was at some point moved under to a silver Star, Bellavia’s previous commander said reporters Tuesday.

After a Defense Department-wide review of global War top top Terror valor awards, Bellavia was informed by president Donald trump he to be receiving one upgrade. Trump gift Bellavia with the military’s highest possible award for valor Tuesday at the White House.

During Bellavia’s decided Wednesday, he shared the names of stories of the men he served with in Iraq, consisting of Command Sgt. Maj. Steven Falkenburg who died in a direct-fire attack, and Capt. Sean Sims who died during a small-arms fire during a mission to clean buildings.

“I am complete having proficient that kind of sacrifice through my fellow men in ~ arms, and those that died, who gave their resides for me,” Bellavia said. “They provided their resides for you, and countless citizens that will never understand them.”

Bellavia stated that threats versus the U.S. Such as North Korea, Iran, and al Qaeda no going anywhere, and cautioned against starting a battle again the U.S. If lock don’t want someone rather to raise your children.

“We will not it is in intimidated. We will certainly not back down,” Bellavia said. “We’ve seen war. We don’t desire war, however if you desire a war through the United claims of America, over there is one thing I can promise you, so aid me God: who else will certainly raise her sons and daughters.”

Watch Bellavia’s speech, beginning at the 28:15 mark.


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