Evolve to be on the look out for talents and invited track Ka Yeon to involved Singapore for a two-week trial. ST PHOTO: JAMIE KOH
Evolve was on the look the end for talents and also invited tune Ka Yeon to pertained to Singapore because that a two-week trial. ST PHOTO: JAMIE KOH
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Attractive South korean mixed martial art fighter tune Ka Yeon, who turned heads as soon as she showed up in popular selection shows on tv such as Running Man, has relocated to Singapore to more her strong career.

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She is currently signed to the Singapore-based Evolve fight Team.

"I am surprised that people recognise me. Castle will periodically stop me and also ask for selfies," states Song, 22.

Actually, those world may just have actually been attractive to her good looks, which has actually probably gained her a following since she starred in housemate reality display Roommate (2014) and also was a guest ~ above an illustration of the game present Running Man.

At that time, she was component of the oriental MMA organisation roadway FC, which she join in 2013 and also went on to win her debut complement a year later (2014).

Evolve to be on the look out for talents and also invited track to come to Singapore because that a two-week psychological in April. She make the cut and is currently teammates through the likes the atomweight world champion Angela Lee. She is also an instructor in ~ the gym.

"Evolve has actually a (produced) a the majority of champions. I additionally like just how Singapore is unique, there room a many of different cultures. At the gym, i train with people from Brazil, united Kingdom, America, Thailand," she tells The Straits Times, speak in halting English, a language she picked up over the past two year while training in the unified States.

She is right now working on boosting her an abilities and has yet to decision what competitions come take component in.

The Evolve combined Martial arts Gym in China Street, where this interview to be held, is her 2nd home whereby she spends close come 12 hours daily, five to six days a week.

She has actually been posting the occasional photograph or video of herself training in ~ the gym on her Instagram account (
sky-isthe limit-song ) .

On she Instagram account with more than 50,700 followers, she can likewise be viewed lounging at a pool and also posing with a brand-new grey hairdo in ~ a salon.

Since relocating here, the photogenic fighter has actually mostly been going on gastronomic adventures, make the efforts out local delights at hawker centres.

"I typically eat salad indigenous Mondays to Fridays. On my cheat days, top top weekends, I like to eat chicken rice and also fishball noodles," says Song, that is currently single.

If she had actually time come date, she says she is "open to dating Singapore men". "I do not treatment if that is hard or is a fighter. If he is handsome, the is very good. What is important that the understands me - a fighter"s life is difficult."

These are happier days because that Song, that was embroiled in a dispute with her former agency Road FC, The Korea times reported in February this year. She alleged the the blended martial arts promoter forced her to pose because that "semi-nude photos" and also intruded into her private life.

As a an outcome of the controversy, she said in the very same article, that it was an overwhelming for she to uncover a cultivate gym in southern Korea. She later left because that America.

Three year ago, she was also the target of malicious online comments casting aspersions on her credibility as a experienced fighter. One netizen go as much as to post death threats.

Though she would quite not talk about these issues, she seems at peace with it s her now.

Song, who stands in ~ a pint-sized 1.59m, credits she resilience to she years of cultivate in various layouts of martial arts, earning black color belts in judo, taekwondo, and hapkido.

Her tough-cookie personality could likewise have to be shaped by her checkered growing-up years.

At period 16, she was left to fend because that herself after her father died. An just child, she decreases to talk about her mother, saying only that she prospered up v her father on Jeju Island.

While attending Busan security High School, which has been called "a martial arts college for students seeking security and also bodyguard jobs", she functioned part-time jobs, wait tables and washing dishes.

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Her father had wanted she to follow in the footsteps of an excellent Korean women golfers such together Pak Se Ri and also Lydia Ko, but she was much more interested in a more robust sport.

She says: "You recognize Koreans are good at golf. Mine father took me to a golf school. Yet I was more interested in the boxing that was going on next door."