Marketers and small businesses love running facebook ads because they yield an excellent results in ~ a low cost.

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Plus, on facebook ads are additionally really simple to run...right???

Did anyone the end there (especially designers) just sigh?

As the director of Marketing for a tiny business, ns am additionally the whole Department the Marketing, so i personally develop our on facebook ads from strategy to architecture to implementation. As a an innovative at heart, I reap the graphic design component of mine job and yet, i dread the job I need to spend developing anything for facebook ads.

Yes, proclaiming with facebook is often an extremely simple, however with the ever-changing and often opaque an imaginative requirements, things can obtain tricky and also frustrating ~ above the ad creation side. No one of the following Facebook advertising issues i have encountered room insurmountable through any means (and I’ll display you exactly how to work approximately them). Yet man walk it get frustrating (and kinda funny) sometimes.


Facebook ad Fail #1: The Pixel That acquired Away

Have you ever before tried come use photo for an advertisement that wasn’t exactly Facebook’s “recommended” size? I have (on accident)! as you might imagine, it no go as well well.

My solitary image ad was rubbish once due to the fact that it to be one pixel turn off from the recommended size. The toughest component of this wasn’t so lot that it to be rejected however that there to be no error blog post or reason provided for the rejection. Power Editor was just stuck and also no issue how plenty of times ns tried uploading the image, the preview simply stayed blank.

To troubleshoot, i restarted strength Editor, re-created the project again indigenous scratch, and also tried a different browser – but nothing make a difference.


Finally, I checked my an innovative and experienced that it was 1200 x 627 pixels instead of the “recommended” 1200 x 628. As soon as I readjusted the image, it loaded into my campaign perfectly choose NOTHING HAPPENED.


I don’t obtain mad around strict needs on creative; graphic developers are really used come that and creativity thrives under constraint; but, I carry out wish power Editor would have offered me a head’s up about what to be wrong.

How To fix It: If something go wrong throughout your ad creation and also you can’t number out why, double check your an imaginative to make certain it matches Facebook’s recommended ad specs exactly.

Facebook advertisement Fail #2: What are Words?

Here’s something you may not know: illustrations of fall snow room actually words!

Wait, what? allow me explain. A few months ago I was creating a carousel advertisement to feature some that the finest deals because that our Christmas sale and I kept obtaining the “your advertisement may not run” error message due to the fact that there to be “too much text” in it. I started to strip text, test, strip much more text, then test over and also over again till there was literally no message in the ad:


As you can see, there is zero message in this image however the Facebook ad still failed. Okay, maybe a small if you zoom in top top the Jensen DUB logo, but it definitely does not deserve a warning in ~ all, let alone one “Image Text: High” warning.

So i did what everyone would perform in this situation: LOL’ed, take it a screenshot, then later wrote around it ~ above the blog. ;) I likewise sent the screenshot come Facebook and also nicely asked for an explanation and some direction on how to resolve it. A pair days later I obtained a phone speak to from the on facebook ads team, and also they were as baffled as I had gone to first.

But by then i had identified by trial and also error that when I removed the snow graphic, my picture (even through some genuine text in it) passed through no issues! In various other words: the routine was reading the snow as text.

How To resolve It: contact Facebook ads support via power Editor. They’re very helpful and also nice! Also, ~ that incident the Facebook message overlay tool has earned a desire spot on my Chrome bookmark bar alongside hefty hitters choose my Shopify login and Google Analytics. If girlfriend aren’t making use of that tool yet and you put text in your ads, I very recommend you check it out.

Facebook ad Fail #3: exception AKA text On Product Images

We sell auto stereos (among many other aftermarket vehicle accessories) and also some of our finest performing ads attribute product images. If friend think I deserve to just fall in a pretty beauty shoot .png the the latest Apple CarPlay receiver into Photoshop and be on mine merry way – think again.

There is a most text top top a product photo like that and also even though they to speak this have to qualify because that an exception, that has actually not (until recently) been my suffer for our products. Mine workaround to be to usage a Gaussian blur on all of the text consisting of the logo (ugh) on products like these:

But acquisition the message off of a multimedia receiver is a negative option since the content on the product’s display is fundamentally tied come the appeal and also value the the product! that is of food why facebook made product pictures an exception, and also even though those exceptions are an alleged to be instantly applied, they were no in mine case.

When i spoke come a very nice gentleman in ~ Facebook around the snowflake/text debacle I stated this problem to him as well. He usually told me that next time i encounter that problem, come let the know and he’d watch what he might do. He never ever said he would certainly (or could for the matter) carry out anything to assist me account-wide or to protect against it from happening again.

Since that conversation however, ns haven’t had any type of problems v an ad getting rubbish for having too lot text when it attributes a text-laden automobile stereo receiver. Did they readjust something on my account or to the ads software in general? Maybe. Am i simply acquiring lucky? Perhaps. Is the my ar (a mere mortal!) to concern the large mysteries that the Zuck? most likely not.

How To settle It: If you know you have an ad coming up the will have actually text in it yet should qualify for an exception, begin your ad creation early on in instance you require to contact Facebook ads assistance to get it resolved.

Facebook advertisement Fail #4: modifying Boosted posts on Instagram

One day ns noticed the a boosted write-up was getting a the majority of engagement on Instagram and I assumed I’d readjust the connect to a brand-new optimized landing page I had actually just finished functioning on.

Should I have just had actually the ideal link on there to start with? Yes, of course I need to have yet that isn’t constantly how points go when you are a one-woman marketing room (or even if you’re not). Plus, remember the this is a post around fails. 

So this is what i learned indigenous this specific Facebook fail. Friend are allowed to modify your boosted post and change the attach on your advertisement but there’s a catch. The Instagram ad preview in power Editor updates v your new link yet it does not in fact adjust the link on your live Instagram ad. Boo. If you in which method forget the link entirely, you can not go ago and include one. Boo! However, if you desire to adjust or add a connect on a boosted write-up on on facebook it will certainly actually readjust the link. Yay!

How To solve It: The beauty beauty of the boosted article is that it’s for this reason easy and also cheap that one can be tempted to it is in compulsive around clicking the “boost now” button. Instead, slow-moving down and make sure your advertisement content is 100% workable top top both facebook & Instagram (if you have Instagram and also it’s linked). Pretend that your boosted ad is a printed advertisement you won’t be able to readjust once it operation (b/c on Instagram it usually is).

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I tho Love on facebook Ads

I wrote a write-up last year around stretching a tiny business marketing budget and I still think paying to play on on facebook is a must for everyone. Facebook ads room such a cost-efficient way to encourage your company that it’s worth every one of the fails in the end.