Discus and support XBox live account file not totally downloaded in XBoX top top Consoles to fix the problem; hi there.When I try to log in in to mine XBox live account from mine xbox 360, it claims your profile was not fully downloaded. Please download it again...Discussion in "XBoX on Consoles" began by JohanduToit, Feb 27, 2021.

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Hi there.When I try to log in to mine XBox live account from mine xbox 360, it claims your profile to be not completely downloaded. You re welcome download that again indigenous Xbox live.But when I try to download it, it only goes to around 10% and then an error appears... Sorry, there's a difficulty with the credentials that you're utilizing to authorize in. Go to https://account.live.com to settle the problem.80151006Please help with this... :)

i turned off the 2-step verification and tried the download file again ... Once again discovered the xbox live account yet no luck v the profile download, very same error message as before.At this point, Im much more than willing to perform a finish burndown and also create all the xbox live accounts everywhere again simply to get the Live business working again v my console

Can't login to Live with my XBOX360. Can't access my account at live.xbox.com (receive an error when clicking on "My Account"). Tried downloading and install my gamer profile and now mine gamer file is unable to do too, error password 80150100.Looks like XBOX Live is completely ****ed.

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You developed an Xbox LIVE account at www.xbox.com, right? climate you need to download the profile to your Xbox before you can use it: 1) tap the silver Xbox guide button2) pick Download profile (and if girlfriend don't watch it, push the blue X switch to make sure you're not signed in) and also proceed v Profile Download.3) get in the Microsoft Account addresse for your Xbox LIVE gamertag once asked.4) go into the password because that the Microsoft Account.4A) If her account is an Xbox LIVE kid account, the parent’s windows Live i would & password is required also to download your profile.5) pick the storage machine for her profile (choose hard Drive if you have actually one, or memory Unit if you don't have a tough Drive).6) as soon as the download completes you will be inquiry if you want the console to remember her password. If it's your house console, I'd to speak yes, otherwise I'd think carefully about leaving mine profile unprotected on someone else's Xbox!7) sign in, and retry.