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Learn reliable Grading StrategiesOrganize qualities with FlagsHarness the power of far GradesGrade v the LightboxSave Time with mutual Nodes

It’s one point to know just how to great a clip in Resolve; it’s one more to know just how to class a project. In lesson 3 for example, you’ll learn how to use grades to multiple clips, or even an entire timeline of clips using mutual Nodes.

In other color grading applications, grades are frequently copied and pasted to and from clips in a clunky and also time-consuming manner. In this tutorial, you’ll learn exactly how to work with Remote grades so the your grading adjustments are used to the same source clip wherever it shows up in her timelines.

Color Grading is an iterative process, that can quickly include up to thousands of mouse clicks throughout a grading session. We’ll display you exactly how to ripple your grades so the your adjustments have the right to be used to various other clips that need the exact same adjustment.

One of the most commemorated features of solve is the capability to create and also compare many versions of your grades. You will do it learn just how to deploy Resolve’s split-screens and also lightbox window to not just compare her grades, but make transforms as well.

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Warp speed Grading Workflows in DaVinci fix 16.1

1. Developing a shot Balancing Strategy

Applying a base Grade to other ClipsResetting every GradesApply a Grade from a StillShot MatchingAppending qualities & NodesAppending grades & Nodes

2. Rippling Node Grades

Node NumberingUsing the Node GraphUsing a Node Graph through Stills

3. Merged Look Strategies 

Using a common NodeSplit display screen ComparisonsCreating a reasonable Node Structure

4. Arranging Grades

Assigning Clip Flags Assigning lot of Flags Creating a smart FilterFiltering through Flags

5. Neighborhood & far Grading

Using remote GradesRemote Grades and also other NLEsCopy Remote grades to LocalGrading Multicam Angles

6. Class Versioning

Split display screen VersionsGrading in break-up Screen View

7. Grading v Groups

Using the LightboxRenaming GroupsFiltering GroupsChanging Poster FramePre & post Group Grading StrategiesTimeline Clip Grading – WARNING

8. Q&A

Apply a base Grade prior to Editing?Paste characteristics in the shade PageHow to Share Tracked strength Windows across ClipsSmart Filtering Clips in the shade PageApply confront Refinement come Multiple Clips in ~ Once

Who this tutorial is for:

This indict was produced for everyone who has a an easy understanding the Resolve color grading yet wants come learn much better workflows and also strategies for shade grading larger projects. 

Software Version: DaVinci fix 16.1 or later

Run Time: 48 minutes (48:00)

Type the Tutorial: Intermediate

Project Media: task Media is not Included


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