The Samsung Galaxy S7 is still great phone even if it’s over 2 years old. Currently that it newly received an update to Android 8.0 Oreo possibly you decided to keep it a when longer. If so, currently is a an excellent time to gain a display screen protector, or change your old one. Save your display safe v our roundup of the ideal Galaxy S7 display screen protectors.

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If you’re holding the end for the Galaxy S10, or recently found a good deal on supplied Galaxy S7, the hardest part of make a phone critical is maintaining the display screen safe.

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There are number of styles of Galaxy S7 display protectors, varying from cheap adhesive movies to high-quality reinforced glass. The cheapest defense on our list is just $5.99, i m sorry is cheaper than the $130 or so it costs to change a Galaxy S7 display. You’ll have to spend around $40 come get display screen protectors from reputable carriers like ZAGG.


While spending just a few bucks top top a cheap Galaxy S7 display protector is far better than nothing, it’s worth getting the better brands. The more expensive S7 display protectors are typically made the tempered glass, a product that’s scratch and shatter-resistant.

Or, if you’re tempted to give up a display screen protector to conserve a few bucks, don’t. They offer as insurance native life’s day-to-day hazards. No, castle won’t totally protect her phone from everything, yet they can protect versus a lot an ext than you could assume.

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We’ve likewise detailed some terrific official accessories for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge because that buyers, and a slew of cases to select from. So gain some cases and also accessories, then a display screen protector. Popular brands like Spigen and ZAGG have durable real glass display protectors.

Spigen Glas.tR Slim Galaxy S7 display screen Protector

Spigen is just one of the an initial companies come make wonderful real glass coverage. It"s Glas.t lineup has evolved into one of the best glass screen protectors for any kind of smartphone.

The Spigen Glas.tR Slim is only 0.02mm thick. You"ll barely an alert it"s installed, and the rounded edges typical it"s smooth come the touch and also won"t chip or crack over time. Additionally, It has actually anti-scratch, anti-shatter, and also anti-glare properties for the finest experience. Then, of course, there is a coating to avoid fingerprint build-up.

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Spigen relocated their official store come eBay from Amazon, i m sorry is wherein we can buy this. Shipping is fast and free, so gain one today.