We don"t think everyone in the human being was surprised by the massive success of Disney"s live action Beauty and the Beast this year.

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And Stanley Tucci, that plays Maestro Cadenza in the film, was fully expecting it to it is in the smash-hit the was.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly in ~ the Toronto global Film Festival ~ above Saturday (September 9), Tucci said he "wasn"t surprised at all" at the film"s popularity.

Emma Thompson, that plays mrs Potts in the film, added: "It"s a very popular property, isn"t it? ancient fairy tale that has actually been told for hundreds and hundreds of years."

"And will be told again", Tucci added in agreement, prior to saying taking part in the movie "was really fun".

The updated version of Beauty and also the Beast, which stars Emma Watson as Belle and also Dan Stevens as the Beast, is the many successful movie of 2017 for this reason far.

It"s taken an unbelievable $1 billion global and has come to be the biggest live-action movie musical ever made.

Seeing as the initial 1991 animated variation was nominated because that an Oscar, it was only ever going to it is in a mega hit.

Beauty and the Beast also counts Ewan McGregor, Kevin Kline, Audra McDonald, Luke Evans, mock Gad, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and also Ian McKellen amongst its starry cast.

The movie witnessed Disney"s first ever live-action interracial kiss between Tucci and also McDonald"s characters (better late 보다 never).

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