Star stable Online is a an international phenomenon and the No. 1 horse video game in the world, with numerous players about the world. Today, Sep. 15, Star secure celebrates its momentous 1o-year anniversary.

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But Star steady Online isn't just a substantial game. It's also been impactful. Brand-new research, out today in respect of the anniversary, shows simply how advantageous gaming can be for girls, and also that Star stable Online, in particular, has had actually profound results on the well-being of the girls that play it.


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To discover more, us chatted v Stacy Place, who hosted a number of important duties at the company before becoming co-game director of Star secure Online (and is likewise an prominent YouTuber and also Twitch streamer). She told united state all about Star Stable's mission, and how the brand works hard to it is in an allied to girl of all stripes.

Sweety High: Why is the team at Star secure so specialized to making a video game that support girls roughly the world? Why is the so critical?

Stacy Place: Starting ~ above this adventure, us knew we want to create room in the gaming sector for girls and young women–a demographic formerly overlooked. This idea expected not just supporting girls and young women who play video games but also those who desire to job-related in ours industry. Back the tides the gaming are finally an altering (with women accounting for an ext than 41% of gamers in the U.S., because that example), there is tho plenty of occupational to do! Today, 54% that our own employees space women—a number we want to see an ext often in tech!

SH: Star Stable has actually grown to it is in so much an ext than just a game. Just how do every one of the brand's media projects job-related together to it is in an ally to girls?

SP: Growing come become much more than simply a video game is quite comparable to the suffer of gift a young woman. Friend are much more than that one defining attribute! Girls space diverse, with complicated feelings and broad varieties the interests. Taking the exact same core values that lead Star secure Online and sharing those in other projects across books, animation and books average we're sustaining girls in your journey through plenty of different experiences.

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(via Star Stable)

SH: In what ways has actually the team functioned to ensure the Star secure is one inclusive game that urges socializing through others?

SP: Everyone is welcome come play Star Stable! Our neighborhood consists of few of the most an imaginative and supportive players that hail from much more than 180 countries and also of course, indigenous every state in the U.S. Us strive to provide them the best equestrian fantasy experience with inventive gameplay and the devices to make and strengthen virtual friendships, consisting of our in-game conversation system. This vital feature of our video game is repeatedly undergoing changes and also improvements v the aid of our ar to produce a healthy room for every players.

The joining of our brand ambassadors—a varied group of players from about the human being who help build the bridge in between our team and our community—is an important as well! It's one incredible possibility to encourage kind and constructive communication between players and also our team!

SH: can you tell us a tiny bit about the result you've done from surveying Star steady players? What do these findings reveal around the positive impact of games?

SP: Not just do we typically poll our players about their feelings about our video game content, however we newly did a collection of surveys through The Insights family to discover the impact of games on girls and young women. The outcomes revealed tremendous insights about the importance of games to children and families! Today's parents overwhelmingly support their youngsters gaming through 85% the parents typically supporting gameplay, while it's virtually unanimously sustained by Star secure parents at 98%. Our football player were additionally twice as likely to report feeling much more self-confident compared to girls that play other games. This statistics really support the optimistic feedback we've to be hearing from our players and parents every along!