This one is for all my other tea loving mommas (or no mommas)! I have actually said that before and I will certainly say it again, i am not really a coffee person. No to say that ns don’t drink coffee, on a cold morning once the infant is up in ~ 5:30am ns grab for a solid cup that Joe however I really prefer tea. So through my preference to tea I set out come mashup mine favorite holiday flavor v my favorite warm beverage and also I left out all of the extra unneeded sugar to make a thin Gingerbread Tea Latte.

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When ns was searching roughly on the world vast web every one of the Gingerbread Lattes usage gingerbread syrup, aka sugar and I didn’t want to go under that path. My objective to be to still do a great tasting latte there is no the extra sugar and also calories.

So making use of my Homemade Gingerbread summer sprouts the latte actually come together reasonably quickly.

The Ingredients

Tea. For this recipe English Breakfast Tea/Black Tea works best, friend can likewise sub in a decaf selection or maybe even a Rooibos tea if you really wanted. Girlfriend will need either a tea bag or a tespoon of loosened leaf tea and also an infuser. (I am in love through these lover Tea Infusers

the I found on Amazon).

Molasses. Molasses is the byproduct of street production, it is usually the syrup that is left when the sugar crystals room all taken the end of sugar cane juice. So that is still slightly sweet but has a distinctive smoky taste. A tespoon of molasses is around 17 calories, which compared to a serving of the top brand that gingerbread flavored syrup is 90 calories. Talk about a win!

Gingerbread spice Mix. So i hate when a simple recipe call for an additional whole recipe yet you men I promise this one is worth it. Walk quickly make up a batch of my Homemade Gingerbread Spice, it is just 5 basic spices friend probably already have and then that method you will certainly have sufficient left because that multiple lattes and also for flavoring other delicious goodies favor muffins or pancakes!

Milk. Ns am still a fan of standard cow’s milk, use skim milk because that a important ‘skinny’ latte but any type of milk will certainly really execute (I frequently use whole since that is what we have for our son’s). A couple of paragraphs down in the technique section I will dig into how to get a truly frothy homemade latte! I have actually not experiment this recipes through milk alternatives so use your own judgement if you desire to use a different kind of milk! The milk is whereby the bulk of the calories in this drink come from yet if girlfriend are only using 3/4 cup of skim milk it is only about 69 calories!

So protect against holding her breath since that means there is only 86 calorie in this thin Gingerbread Tea Latte! If you to be to walk to a coffee shop like Starbucks your drink would be practically double. I don’t know about you yet during the holiday season when cookies and decadent food is in diversity I will take fifty percent the calories in a delicious warm beverage any kind of day! 🙂 for this reason let’s look at just how easy the is to make her Skinny Gingerbread Tea Latte at home!

The Method

In a tiny saucepan you’ll whisk in your molasses, spice mix, and water. Lug it to a simmer and take turn off the heat. Add your tea and steep 3-6 minutes relying on how solid you like your tea. Ns will keep in mind that i usually enjoy a shorter steep in a level tea however for a latte ns will execute a longer steep for a more powerful tea flavor once its mixed with the milk.

While your tea is seeping you will certainly prepare her milk. Currently to obtain a an excellent homemade latte you will desire to froth your milk, ns have uncovered a few good methods to execute this without having a an elaborate machine.

First off I choose to bring my milk to a room temperature or also slightly warm, I add my milk come a measuring cup and also microwave it 30-60 seconds. You have the right to froth the cold together well, it simply will considerably cool under your drink (which perhaps you like, my husband doesn’t favor his drinks super hot). And also now to froth.

One choice is come shake the in a jar. A super basic method, include the milk, gain the lid on tight and also shake tough until you room happy with the lot of froth. I have actually done this technique many times, that works best in a bigger glass jar. You desire to make certain that the milk isn’t end the halfway allude giving the milk enough room come mix through the air and get frothy.

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Another choice is a blender. A solitary serve kind blender works finest for this technique (especially due to the fact that you don’t desire to clean a complete blender for a little milk). Blend until froth appears!

And mine favorite an approach an immersion blender. Currently I had actually been wanting an immersion blender for forever and finally ns bluntly asked mine husband because that it before our last anniversary. I wanted it for soups and also sauces, i did not realize i would use it practically every day for the ideal homemade latte ever. Simply blend the milk with the immersion blender, walking up and down for around 30 secs to gain the frothiest milk!

Now to put that latte together. Deliver your brewed tea come a large/oversized mug (this cooking recipes makes approximately 14 oz). There will be part residual flavors at the bottom, the spices continue to be at the bottom once you are drinking but if they really stroked nerves you you can strain lock out. Slowly pour the milk and froth over the tea, and there you have it your an extremely own homemade thin Gingerbread Tea Latte.




• This can be made through coffee, although i haven’t tried, you will just want to make sure you dissolve the molasses into the hot coffee

• You can alternately simply whisk boil water v the molasses to dissolve and add the tea and spices come steep