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– Alright now we space reviewing Starbuck’s Pike location Roast, i m sorry is an alleged to it is in smooth and also balanced. It’s a medium roast. And also on the bag it says basically the you shouldn’t really have to pick the end any, or friend can’t really choose out any particular flavors.

– Mmmm hmmm.

– Everything’s an alleged to simply be consistent and also harmonious. But then also, it claims that there space flavors the cocoa and also toasted nuts.

– That’s weird.

– Yeah.

– It’s like why surname flavors. How about this is a no label flavor society.

– Yeah.

– Why allude out those spices if you’re not claimed to be able to taste them.

– Right.

– Separately. But what did we taste? i don’t know.

– Right, for this reason this is a 12 oz bag, and also the price was, what?

– Expensive. Nine something, so that was like 12 miscellaneous a pound. I beg your pardon is top top the greater end for median coffee.

– Yeah, 9.50 a bag. Apparently was no on sale.

– No, it to be on sale. That’s the regular.

– Oh.

– us bought it for prefer 6.99.

– Uh yeah.

– so it’s not as…

– We never ever pay complete price for coffee.

– not as bad, however if you’re gonna acquire it normally it’s gonna be nine dollars a bag.

– Mmm hmmm.

– Our think on this

– Mmm hmmm.

– Are…

– Yeah.

– as follows.

– So come me, it’s bitter and burnt tasting.

– Yep. Not burned chocolate either.

– No no, no the pleasant kind of burned or type of bitter.

– Right.

– There’s part bitterness occasionally like in Pete’s Coffee and also stuff that’s sort of quite but…

– Mmm hmmm.

– This is simply kind of burnt and also bitter

– Yeah.

– and also I don’t really enjoy it in ~ all.

– and also on the bag it states to use two tablespoons full per six fluid ounces

– Mmm hmmm.

– the water. Us did the the very first time we drank it and it was not as good as also this v one and a half

– Yeah.

– Tablespoons every six liquid ounce cup.

– Yeah.

– So we made it a little better by reduce the amount of coffee

– Right.

– we put into the cup, but it’s still

– Yeah.

– Is no to our liking.

– Yeah, yeah.

– particularly at the price.

– Yeah, at the price.

– Well, even then, also if the was less I wouldn’t

– Yeah.

– i don’t think ns would.

– Yeah, also if the was much less I’d be like no thanks. It’s no one I desire to purchase again. Donut rating top top this? Two and a half?

– Yeah, possibly a two and also a half.

– Yeah, ns mean, reason I feel choose as girlfriend get additional in the cup it’s like meh

– Yeah.

– some of the burnt taste kinda go away.

– and also you might be maybe to readjust the amount to kind of help with it, however so yeah, two and a half donuts. Well, as we found, and as other people commented, Starbucks coffees generally have a burned kind of over-done flavor.

– over roasted.

– over roasted.

– I simply made that up.

– Yeah. However if you feel the exact same way, or you feel differently, reply to united state in a optimistic manner on just how you feel differently.

– Yeah.

– and thanks for joining us. And until following time.

– keep drinking.

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Review Recap

Brand: StarbucksRoast: MediumPrice per pound: $12.67Flavors us detected / various other notes: Burnt, BitterOverall rating:

Would we buy it again? No

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