When going v the mysterious Qi questline in Stardew Valley, players need to \"feed the sand dragon his critical meal,\" and also here\"s how to do it.

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together players go through Stardew Valley, lock may at some point start the secret Qi questline. ~ players change the battery load in the roadway tunnel through the bus stop, they will be given a selection of weird requests indigenous Mr. Qi the they must complete.

one of the requests for players is to \"give the sand dragon his last meal.\" with Stardew Valley players largely seeing anything dragon-like as enemies in Skull Cavern, they might think that the sand dragon is an foe they should defeat. However, players don\"t need to face off with any kind the dragon boss for this request.

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The only things players will require for this component of the quest are one solar essence and accessibility to the Calico Desert. Solar significance is an item dropped by ghosts, iridium bats, haunted skulls, ink kids, mummies, and also magma sprites. Football player can also get them indigenous Krobus and also a sunfish fish pond.

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In order to get access to the Calico Desert, football player will require to finish the vault bundles in the neighborhood Center. In total, this will cost players 42,500g, however will repair the bus and enable players to acquire bus tickets to the desert region.

when players have everything they need, they must take the solar essence to the desert. The bus heat starts at approximately 10:10 am in Stardew Valley\"s in-game time with players only being able come buy tickets when Pam gets to the bus. She will leave her station at 5:00 pm, but players can still go house if they space in the desert previous 5:00 pm.

After acquiring off the bus in the desert, players have to head west top top the road until they see a huge animal skeleton ~ above the south side the the road. This is the sand dragon that players need to \"give his meal\" to.

once players method the sand dragon\"s skeleton, they have to use the solar essence on the skull\"s mouth. This will certainly unlock the last request for the mysterious Qi questline the players should follow, in which they require to inspect the wood pile next to the player\"s farm house. Act this will offer players the club Card, i beg your pardon will enable players full access to the Casino within Calico Desert.

The Casino is located in the Oasis save that\"s south of the sand dragon\"s skeleton. Going inside with the Club card will enable players to obtain into the mystery back room wherein the Casino is being run. There, players can participate in multiple gambling games.