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As the final episodes ofArrowfade into the sunset, Stephen Amell and also Emily Bett Rickards made a farewell tour atChicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Lock graciously involved the stage side by side, awaiting the critical requests of the Olicity fandom while cuddling comfortably on the couch. The pan clamored in their seats clinging to your every word.

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Dozens the ladies and also gentlemen lined up in ~ the microphone hoping to gain a minute or two of the television couple’s time — prying right into life behind the scenes and onscreen calamities.

Many the these concerns centered approximately favorite laughs, stunts, and castmates. Stephen Amell and also Emily Bett Rickards answered each fan to the finest of your ability, often trailing off into side banter, eluding to the strength and also bond of your real-life friendship.


Although it came off as a little bit of a joke, one can’t help but feeling there to be some fact in the statement.

Amell approached the question with a more serious demeanor. “I would certainly say I began to establish it in the 2nd season once I started seeing civilization who to be fans that the show,” Amell replied.

“When ns was asked a question in a panel, ‘what does it typical to it is in in a present that began so numerous other shows?’ I would certainly say, ‘It is difficult to say due to the fact that I’m in the weeds right currently — we’re make it. I’ll probably have a little much more perspective when we’re done.’ “

He continued, “That is beginning to happen now because, because that the very first time, civilization are coming up and also saying, ‘Thank friend so much,’ and also they room talking around the display in the past tense.”

Sometimes it takes other human being to carry everything right into perspective. Some things space given more importance as soon as others show what it method to them.

Another fan carried up the object of Oliver and also Felicity’s relationship. They wanted to understand exactly how they created the unique bond with each other that play so fine onscreen.

Stephen Amell described it simply. “We had actually a an excellent relationship since we get in addition to one another. Emily is a exorbitant actor. Various other than the sometimes smooch or scene wherein we are obtaining out that bed, that the same partnership with Diggle.”

Emily Bett Rickards piped up, “All the those gaining out the bed scenes and smooching through Diggle are in the bloopers.”


Stephen Amell mutual the laugh before continuing, “Working on a tv show, you occupational so much, and also it’s so countless hours — that arduous. It’s no actual job-related — it’s acting — yet you invest a many time with these people. Girlfriend get together with them and also cultivate a relationship.”

Their chemistry onstage with each other really shone the fact of his statement. Steal smiles and also inside joke are hard to fake.

This object leaned right into the obvious question of what the was favor not having Emily Bett Rickards on collection for the final season. Amell admitted that was rather difficult. “It sucked,” that exclaimed.

“She to be my finest friend on the set. It was weird gift there — it to be very daunting actually,” that stated, yet he likewise admitted that he did totally support the selection Emily Bett Rickards make in the situation.

The absence affected Rickards together well. “I have much fewer methods now to take it photos and also videos the Stephen when he is not aware. So over there are less videos of you on mine phone, and also that is very sad.”

At this point, the panel took a turn and also centered top top Emily Bett Rickards because that a couple of moments. Fans want to know what the was like returning come the finale.

Rickard divulged, “It was sort of a surprise for me. Beth Schwartz dubbed me and also said, ‘I have a yes, really weird idea, and also I think you will certainly love it. Can I send friend the script?’ climate the script readjusted a lot over time.”

“A couple of weeks prior to the finale started shooting, it was every confirmed. As shortly as I acquired to collection it felt favor a high institution reunion,” she stated with a big smile.

Audience members ongoing with Emily Bett Rickards, questioning she on what it is prefer to have her character be a STEM hero because that young girls everywhere.


“I had no idea that that would certainly be her journey and also experience for various other people, but it is the best thing ns think. Even just now I got a mrs coming up and also saying, ‘This is for my daughter. She is 8, and also she is really smart. Have the right to you simply write STEM rules on it?"” Rickards said the crowd with a feeling of pride.

Drifting ago towards the display specifically because that a bit, an audience member wonder aloud if any kind of DC characters failed to make it to the present that was an unfortunately mishap or oversight.

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After a few moments to think, Amell suggested, “Jensen Ackles as Batman,” leading to the room come erupt right into cheers.

This provided Stephen Amell a second to rabbit trail off right into a tiny unknown fact around the Crisis on limitless Earths crossover. “I acquired to call Superman, Clark. That was no in the script. Ns was claimed to speak to him Superman, but I kept calling that Clark. The director goes, ‘Can we acquire one where we call him Superman?’ I stated no.”

With the subject of the recent crossover ~ above deck, pan wondered if Amell was present at Oliver’s funeral, and also he admitted he to be not. This gave Emily Bett Rickards a chance to describe what the funeral scene was actually like.

“You’ll watch the picture of every the cast around the dig with huge smiles. Us all haven’t watched each other in what felt choose a decade,” she confessed.

She then turned to Amell, “We’ve never ever all to be on collection without you. It to be weird not having you over there — you probably should have actually been there.” Stephen Amell shrugged without saying the fact.


Just like the show, the dashboard wound down providing us just a few minutes of priceless time left through the lover stars. One of the final questions was quite suitable, centering in on your favorite scenes for the whole of the series. Rickards focused on the beginning, if Amell leaped come the finale.

“There is a step in Season 1 where Felicity provides Oliver the book,” Emily Bett Rickards proclaimed to the cheers that Olicity fans.

Surprised, Amell turns to her, “We filmed the scene at four o’clock in the morning ~ above a Saturday. I was exhausted!” This in no way deterred her answer. “I’ll always remember the day,” she affirmed.

Thinking a little more about it, Amell reminisced, “Don’t girlfriend come right into a diner or something? It to be the huge Belly Burger. You to be like, ‘what’s going on?’ then things began to get serious.”

As because that Amell’s favorite scene, he mentioned briefly his “death” scene in Season 3 illustration 9, but then resolved on a more heartfelt moment. “We had our last scene together before our last scene with each other — the scene wherein we speak goodbye come each other in the cabin.”

“Our manager shot a master of the 2 of us. He shot one take on Emily, and also one take it on me and also then covering us. The manuscript supervisor to be like, ‘Are you sure? because Stephen is crying, and also I couldn’t recognize what the said,"” Amell concluded.

It is an overwhelming to defy him on this prize — a step so emotional has to be genuine to do it authentic.

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As Stephen Amell and also Emily Bett Rickards slowly leave the stage, the feels like watching the finale everywhere again. If their courses cross again on our television screens, it will never ever be as well soon.